Maison Kitsuné Launches 'Baby Fox' Collection with Blackpink's Jennie

Written by Ethan  on 29 Mar, 2024
Maison Kitsuné Launches 'Baby Fox' Collection with Blackpink's Jennie | 1
[Photo Source= Maison Kitsuné]

The French lifestyle brand Maison Kitsuné, operated by Samsung C&T Fashion Division, announced on the 29th that it is accelerating its business by releasing a new collection, powered by the popularity of new luxury brands in Korea.

Maison Kitsuné Launches 'Baby Fox' Collection with Blackpink's Jennie | 2
[Photo Source= Maison Kitsuné]

As a first-generation representative new luxury brand, Maison Kitsuné has become a brand desired by the MZ generation since opening its flagship store on Garosu-gil in 2018, attracting popularity with its diverse fox symbols. It has expanded communication with the younger generation by presenting exclusive products sold only in Korea, such as collaborations with the Japanese outdoor brand ‘and Wander’ and the British heritage brand ‘Barbour’.

Maison Kitsuné Launches 'Baby Fox' Collection with Blackpink's Jennie | 3
[Photo Source= Maison Kitsuné]

This spring season, Maison Kitsuné introduced the ‘Baby Fox’ collection, featuring bold and feminine styles. The collection, based on refined and contemporary tailoring, is filled with brand-specific details across woven, jersey, and knit products. It releases shirts, sleeveless tops, cardigans, sweatshirts, dresses, skirts, and jogger shorts in fresh pastel colors and casual silhouettes to create a positive and bright atmosphere, centered around blue, blossom, and lemon colors.

Maison Kitsuné Launches 'Baby Fox' Collection with Blackpink's Jennie | 4
[Photo Source= Maison Kitsuné]

The campaign is conducted in collaboration with global artist ‘JENNIE of Blackpink’. Participating as the creative muse for the Baby Fox collection, Jennie captivated attention with her bold and unique styling, featuring adorable logos, fresh colors, and tone-on-tone coordination.

Additionally, the ‘Cloud Bag’ made of soft leather and resembling a plush cloud shape that changes form depending on its contents was introduced, available in lilac, lime, and green colors to convey urban sensibilities. Especially, Maison Kitsuné newly created the ‘Baby Fox’ logo using the brand's iconic fox symbol, showcasing a plush and balanced figure. The logos are presented in colors considering the item's color, including pink, red, blue, beige, grey, and black.

To celebrate the launch of the Baby Fox collection, Maison Kitsuné will operate a separate pop-up store at the Garosu-gil flagship store until next month 22nd. From the entrance to the plaza in front of the store, it will be decorated with lilac-colored Baby Foxes and a carpet resembling a flowerbed, providing joy to visitors. Normally, white/black objects will welcome customers in lilac color during the pop-up store period.

Jeong Hye-rim, team manager of Maison Kitsuné, stated, “Even in the situation of economic recession and declining consumer sentiment, the involvement with new luxury brands is increasing, and new brands are continuously being introduced in Korea. As a first-generation new luxury powerhouse, Maison Kitsuné will reinvent itself as a brand young people aspire to, based on a fresh and witty brand spirit, through various collaborations and new collections,” she said.


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