BLACKPINK Rosé's New "Tiffany Titan"

Written by Ethan  on 03 May, 2024
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[Photo source=Rosé personal SNS]
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[Photo provided by Tiffany]

This bold and elaborate jewelry worn by BLACKPINK Rosé was created in collaboration between the jewelry house Tiffany and the singer, producer, and designer Pharrell Williams. It's part of the Tiffany Titan by Pharrell Williams collection.

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This new Tiffany collection is inspired by the trident of Poseidon from ancient mythology, and its bold design symbolizes energy, power, and physical strength.

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[Photo provided by Tiffany]

The motif features a design that blends the sharpness of the trident with the curved forms of links, showcasing tension, proportion, and balance that individuals with distinctive, unique characteristics in particular would love.

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"I am quite excited to unveil Pharrell's first Tiffany collection. The Tiffany Titan by Pharrell Williams collection transcends the conventions of fine jewelry design, showcasing a balance of Pharrell's creative vision and Tiffany's craftsmanship," said Alexandre Arnault, Vice President of Product and Communication at Tiffany, adding his view that, "Each piece expresses Pharrell's distinctive style and one-of-a-kind perspective."

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[Photo provided by Tiffany]

The Tiffany Titan collection by Pharrell Williams, featuring necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings, embodies the spirit of punk through its sharp and creative trident structure. Made with 18k yellow gold, titanium, and diamond settings, the collection breaks away from traditional jewelry designs: unlike the traditional diamond settings, their pavé items expose the diamond pavilion to maximize brilliance. The matte finish of the titanium used in the collection contrasts with the reflective nature of traditional jewelry, offering a distinctive and intense impression to its viewers. The technical precision and design of the collection which has evidently made considering the wearer's movement, showcase Tiffany's exceptional craftsmanship at jewellery.

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[Photo provided by Tiffany]

Pharrell Williams said, "I was greatly inspired by the water, with the name 'Titan' of this collection coming from the god Poseidon, the ruler of the sea and king of Atlantis — especially because  'Atlantis' is also a local name in my hometown of Virginia Beach. Every detail in the jewelry is intentional, especially the use of black titanium, which symbolizes that beauty can also be expressed in darkness."

The Titan by Pharrell Williams collection is set to be released first in May at the Tiffany website in the USA, the Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York, and The Landmark.

Meanwhile, the beautiful Tiffany jewelry worn by Rosé will be available from June at Tiffany stores worldwide and the official website.


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