Winter's Vintage Breeze, Mustang vs Field Jacket

Written by Ethan  on 18 Nov, 2019

The 'it' items chosen by trendsetters, ‘Mustang’ and ‘Field Jacket’, are coloring the streets of 2019 F/W.

With the chilly wind, the vintage mood-equipped Mustang and field jackets are gaining attention among winter outerwear. Despite the rapidly cooling weather, these items, known for their warmth and effortlessly stylish charm, are a must-have for any trendsetter.

The original vintage casual brand Buckaroo has launched both Mustang and field jackets this season, gaining popularity with a ‘two-track’ approach.

Firstly, the field jacket, considered a staple winter outerwear, is launched in the vintage deep color ‘Heatmaster’ series. The ‘Detachable Down Jacket’ in hood style maintains a stylish look anywhere and anytime, and comes with a detachable goose down liner, allowing for a variety of styles.

The ‘Boa Fleece Contrast Field Jacket’ with a relaxed fit enhances luxury with basic design and piping details. The hood lining uses sheep wool material, improving warmth and practicality, making it perfect as a daily item.

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Moreover, Buckaroo launched the ‘Sunmi Mustang’, named after the brand model Sunmi, capturing the real-time search portals on the day of its pre-sale.

The ‘Sunmi Mustang’ creates a classic yet casual feel with specially developed suede and soft faux fur for a vintage touch, emphasizing luxury with its sensible color contrast.

#Crossing Fashion and Sports, Beanpole Sport

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Mustang meets down jacket. The sportswear brand Beanpole Sport has launched a Mustang style all-rounder down for the millennial generation pursuing an active lifestyle. It enhances warmth with goose fill and lightweight materials, awakening everyday sports senses.

Furthermore, water-repellent coating prevents light snow or rain from seeping in, and the application of various materials and designs like check patterns and wax coating delivers a casual yet sporty mood.

#200% Utilization Front and Back, Zadig&Voltaire

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French luxury casual brand Zadig&Voltaire introduces the reversible mustang MAGDAS SHEARLING for the winter season. MAGDAS, popular for pre-orders even before its release, combines high-quality 100% natural sheepskin material with an oversized big button design, matching well from casual to formal attire.

As a reversible item, one side is a light natural cream-colored teddy bear mustang, and the other is a brown-colored soft suede mustang, offering two styling options and high practicality.

# The Hottest Material in Fashion ‘Fleece’ Meets Field Jacket, National Geographic

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Global outdoor brand National Geographic is making headlines with its field jacket made of unique materials. The long field jacket 'Lapus Fleece Boogley Jumper' is made of thick sheep fleece bouclé fabric, giving a cozy feeling with fleece on the outside and nylon material on the inside.

The soft outer surface, along with padding filler applied to the entire inner lining and diamond quilting, greatly increases warmth. The product's front is designed with pockets considering natural wear, enhancing convenience in wearing.


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