Wade Captivates the World at ComplexCon

Written by Ethan  on 23 Nov, 2022
Wade Captivates the World at ComplexCon | 1
[Photo provided by IPX (formerly LINE Friends)]

Virtual artist and producer 'Wade' from IPX (formerly LINE Friends), recently noted for partnerships with famous brands like G-Dragon's (GD) 'PEACEMINUSONE' and 'Leica', captured the attention of over 15,000 local visitors and global artists at 'ComplexCon 2022', with a unique booth encompassing entertainment, fashion, and Web 3.0.

Wade Captivates the World at ComplexCon | 2

[Photo provided by IPX (formerly LINE Friends)]

ComplexCon, held in Long Beach, Los Angeles, USA, from November 19th to 20th, is a global street fashion festival where fashion, music, and food cultures converge. It has been a topic of discussion every year with visits from fashion icons such as contemporary artist Takashi Murakami and Off White's Virgil Abloh, showcasing trends and celebrities from famous fashion brands and attracting global fashion enthusiasts.

At ComplexCon, Wade unveiled his first offline project titled 'A Dream Within A Dream', embodying a world where 'difference' becomes 'normality'. The exhibit featured a 4-meter tall sleeping Mega WADE and launched limited collections in collaboration with the rising street fashion brands POST ARCHIVE FACTION (PAF) and ©SAINT Mxxxxxx, attracting significant attention.

Notably, Wade's booth was visited by numerous famous celebrities and brands, including fashion icon GD. In September, Wade announced a partnership with GD's 'PEACEMINUSONE', heralding collaborations that transcend digital and offline boundaries in fashion, culture, and art.

Moreover, IPX, in collaboration with PAF, not only co-planned the creative aspects of this exhibition but also launched a limited collection inspired by Wade's water-like skin and style, including technical jackets, balaclavas, and t-shirts. Additionally, they introduced new NFTs for the WADE F&F project's NFT holders, which recently topped trading volume on OpenSea and Magic Eden. Collaborations with global street brands Emotionally Unavailable and Clot also caught the attention of local fashion enthusiasts.

Visitors to the Wade booth expressed varied reactions, such as, “The idea of implementing Wade's universe, transcending digital and reality with the concept of dreams, was unique. It was fun to experience not only fashion items but also NFTs,” “I saw the gigantic sleeping Wade. It was impressive to encounter a virtual character in ComplexCon, usually known for fashion, shoes, and music,” “The combination of virtual and the popular balaclavas in the hip-hop scene, along with unique designs, made me want to collect them even more.”

An IPX representative remarked, “We were surprised by the overwhelming interest Wade received at ComplexCon, a global street culture festival, especially receiving praise from global famous artists and brands, including GD. We plan to continue differentiating ourselves by collaborating with various brands that are popular worldwide in fashion, music, and entertainment, transcending digital and reality.”

ComplexCon 2022 featured Verdy, well-known for Girls Don’t Cry, as host and art director, along with participants like Nigo, creator of Human Made, global sports brand Nike, Undercover, hip-hop musician Lil Uzi Vert, and label Soulection leading LA's underground scene.


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