BLACKPINK Jisoo, Neat and Stylish Autumn Fashion

Written by Ethan  on 25 Aug, 2023
BLACKPINK Jisoo, Neat and Stylish Autumn Fashion | 1
[Photo Provided by Dunst]

Citidotz's millennial casual brand 'Dunst' has unveiled its autumn collection in collaboration with BLACKPINK's Jisoo, its official ambassador.

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[Photo Provided by Dunst]

Dunst is celebrating the launch of its 2023 Autumn/Winter (FW) season collection with a second photo campaign featuring brand muse BLACKPINK's Jisoo. The campaign theme, 'The Timeless Icon,' represents the brand's core identity of pursuing enduring style beyond temporary trends.

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[Photo Provided by Dunst]

This autumn, the quietly powerful 'old money look' is spreading across fashion, and Dunst's clean and sophisticated style is expected to gain more traction. The core keyword for this collection is 'variation in materials,' aiming for differentiation through the diversity of materials in contrast to simple designs and colors. The collection features basic cashmere and wool for the autumn season, along with tweed-style wool, three-dimensional neoprene using a twisting production method, and brushed leather that enhances a rough sensation.

BLACKPINK Jisoo, Neat and Stylish Autumn Fashion | 4
[Photo Provided by Dunst]

The key items include ▲a three-button cashmere coat that has become a signature silhouette of Dunst ▲a tweed jacket highlighting premium wool ▲handmade coats boasting high quality. The collection is centered around classic coats and jackets.

BLACKPINK Jisoo, Neat and Stylish Autumn Fashion | 5
[Photo Provided by Dunst]

Additionally, there are various outerwear items perfect for this autumn's fashion, including a leather bomber with a clean silhouette, relaxed fit, and ribbed hemline, and a neoprene hooded zip-up that can be used as both inner and outerwear.

In the photoshoot, Jisoo perfectly embodies Dunst's autumn collection, merging classic charm with a contemporary vibe. Her unique style is showcased through fresh styling, such as ▲an oversized leather bomber with a pleated skirt, ▲a boxy jacket with a hooded zip-up, ▲a tweed jacket with gold button details paired with loose-fit jeans, and ▲a three-button jacket with cotton tracksuits. Jisoo reveals diverse appeals with her innovative mix of tops and bottoms, as well as inner and outerwear.

A representative from Dunst commented, "Presenting fashion that can be enjoyed over time, based on the brand's solid identity, rather than temporary trends, is the brand philosophy of Dunst. Following the spring/summer season, we plan to widely promote the values and style pursued by Dunst in the autumn/winter season in collaboration with ambassador Jisoo, who synergizes with the brand."

Launched as an in-house venture project by LF in 2019 and becoming an independent corporation, Citidotz, in just two years, Dunst has rapidly grown more than tenfold since its launch, building a solid fandom among the MZ generation. Especially this year, marking its 4th year since launch, Dunst is expanding its influence globally, entering about 15 countries centered around famous department stores, select shops, and online platforms. With BLACKPINK's Jisoo, a global pop star, as the exclusive model, Dunst is fully committed to its international expansion.


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