Moon Gayoung, Shining Beauty in Milan

Written by Ethan  on 25 Sep, 2023
Moon Gayoung, Shining Beauty in Milan | 1
[Photo Provided by Dolce & Gabbana]

The Italian luxury house Dolce & Gabbana revealed their Spring-Summer 2024 women's fashion show at Milan Fashion Week.

Moon Gayoung, Shining Beauty in Milan | 2
[Photo Provided by Dolce & Gabbana]

At the show, actress Moon Gayoung appeared in an alluring and perfect form, wearing a long silk chiffon dress with bow detail, lighting up the venue.

Moon Gayoung, Shining Beauty in Milan | 3
[Photo Provided by Dolce & Gabbana]

Dressed in an all-white see-through look, she captivated the audience and press with her luxurious aura. Afterwards, she engaged in various activities including visiting the Dolce & Gabbana store.

Moon Gayoung, Shining Beauty in Milan | 4
[Photo Provided by Dolce & Gabbana]

This collection drew inspiration from the 1960s, shapes, black and white, luxurious textures, the French movie 'Belle de Jour,' and the confident and alluring women portrayed in legendary fashion photographer Helmut Newton's 95/96 collection.

Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce once again speak about the diverse faces of women, creating a new image of Sicilian women who are conscious, seductive, and confident.

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[Photo Provided by Dolce & Gabbana]

Elements reinterpreted through the modern woman's image and sensuality, and the imagery of black and white, blend the strong and provocative women's look with the refined elegance, clean lines, and silhouettes of the 1960s.

Moon Gayoung, Shining Beauty in Milan | 8
[Photo Provided by Dolce & Gabbana]

Black and white, lace, transparency, underwear, and mesh stockings are elements that connect Dolce & Gabbana's new DNA with the traditional culture of Sicily, charm, and the diversity of femininity.

The black and white shirts, ranging from sheer materials to pleated details, have been reborn through various presentations. Jackets and coats invoke classic Sicilian tailoring, reminiscent of pin stripes, Chantilly lace, wool, crepe, tulle, and other classic materials that contrast with the silhouette.

Moon Gayoung, Shining Beauty in Milan | 11
[Photo Provided by Dolce & Gabbana]

Transparency, a key feature of the new silhouette, and underwear, a major element of the collection, lend a fresh narrative to this collection with perfect proportions and volume. Particularly, tights that rise above the knee were worn with new stiletto heels or flat shoes adorned with the DG logo, completing the look.

Moon Gayoung, Shining Beauty in Milan | 12
[Photo Provided by Dolce & Gabbana]

The true star of the collection is the 'Old Money' chain clutch, reminiscent of Dolce & Gabbana's iconic 'Sicily bag' tube detail. Always a classic, timeless item in women's wardrobes, it's suggested in various styles and the reinterpreted box-shaped Sicily bag also draws attention.

Moon Gayoung, Shining Beauty in Milan | 13
[Photo Provided by Dolce & Gabbana]

Meanwhile, actors Ki Eun-Se and Irene, global star Kylie Jenner, Halle Bailey, and legendary supermodel Naomi Campbell, who graced the closing of the show, were guests. Highlights of the show, which garnered much attention, can be viewed through Dolce & Gabbana's official website and KakaoTalk channel.


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