Gucci Prospettive, "Ancora Milano" Publication

Written by Ethan  on 12 Jan, 2024
Gucci Prospettive, 'Ancora Milano' Publication | 1
Photo 1. Gucci Prospettive's second edition 'Ancora Milano' book cover

The Italian luxury brand Gucci presents the second edition of Gucci Prospettive (Gucci's Perspective), 'Ancora Milano', an art book. Creative Director Sabato De Sarno explores artistic, aesthetic, and cultural elements in this art book, aiming to construct the house's visual identity.

Gucci Prospettive, 'Ancora Milano' Publication | 2
Photo 2. Milan subway station designed by Franco Albini and Bob Noorda (photo © Aldo Ballo)

The second art book, Ancora Milano, released to commemorate Sabato De Sarno's menswear debut fashion show, Gucci Ancora 2024 Fall Winter Menswear Show, showcases Milan's creativity through various locations and architecture in the city. The publication of this art book, capturing the diverse dimensions of Milanese design, was collaborated on by Milanese architect and design curator Paola Antonelli.

Gucci Prospettive, 'Ancora Milano' Publication | 3
Photo 3. Monte Amiata Housing Complex in Milan's Gallaratese district, designed by Carlo Aymonino and Aldo Rossi in 1967 (photo © Matteo Triola)

The art book presents Milan as a city of design, featuring various places, cherished buildings, spaces, objects, and the people who created them. Curator Paola Antonelli explains, "Inspired by the concepts of friction and wear, we juxtaposed the commercial, entrepreneurial, and industrial sophistication of brutalism with a more complex and radical side of Milan, exploring the cliché of bourgeois elegance without losing sight of Milan's essence."

Creative directors Sabato De Sarno and Paola Antonelli view Milan as the cradle of the design system, believing that its layers breathe life into the city's identity.

Gucci Prospettive, 'Ancora Milano' publication | 6
Photo 6. Luke Jerram's "Museum of the Moon" at Milan's Cozzi Swimming Pool, 2019 (photo © Andrea Cherchi)

This art book, infused with these ideas, narrates through various photographs and poetic inspirations that physical spaces and objects continuously converse with the people who inhabit and use them, and this exchange accumulatively builds over time.

Gucci Prospettive, 'Ancora Milano' publication | 7
Photo 7. San Giovanni Bono Church, Milan, 2019 (photo © Fabio Natta, Elvira Pavesi)

#Introducing Paola Antonelli
Paola Antonelli serves as the Senior Curator of Architecture and Design and the Director of Research and Development at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. Antonelli explores all forms of design, from architecture to video games, and is continually expanding her domain with underrecognized objects and practices.


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