(G)I-DLE's Miyeon, Enchanting Spring Style

Written by Ethan  on 19 Jan, 2024
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[Photo Source=Jimmy Choo]

Luxury brand Jimmy Choo has revealed a photoshoot for their Spring 2024 campaign. The Jimmy Choo Spring 2024 campaign photoshoot was conducted with K-pop star and Jimmy Choo global brand ambassador '(G)I-DLE Miyeon'.

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[Photo Source=Jimmy Choo]
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[Photo Source=Jimmy Choo]

In the Spring 2024 campaign photoshoot shot in Milan, Italy, Miyeon perfectly embodies the essence of glamour, capturing attention with her sophisticated elegance and wearing shoes and accessories that stand out in the stylish atmosphere of Milan. Through short videos, Miyeon brings to life the playful and fearless spirit of the Jimmy Choo brand, delivering the same confident energy as Jimmy Choo.

This season's theme is 'Statement Glamour,' focusing on captivating, attractive shoes and accessories that convey an enchanting tension both day and night. Jimmy Choo's drop heels have been upgraded, now elegantly presented as micro heel slingbacks and strap sandals.

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Jimmy Choo's iconic AVENUE motif is a dynamic journey interpreted through unique matelassé across shoes and accessories, presenting modern graphics in Jimmy Choo's style through contrasting colors.

The powerful monochrome look, featuring sharp pointed toes and slim wedge heels, is expressed through angular patchwork, giving life to the surface of the boots.

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The AVENUE QUAD and AVENUE SOFT SHOULDER bags, with their singular and smooth tones, embody a new and contemporary interpretation of the classic dual-tone concept. This is also highlighted in the dazzling AZ IE block heel sandals, contrasting sky and deep blue colors. Additionally, the drop heel detail, first introduced in Winter 2023, is applied to the sophisticated and minimal AMOS sandals and the 50mm slingback AMEL, with the drop heel as a key feature.

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[Photo Source=Jimmy Choo]
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[Photo Source=Jimmy Choo]

Following the campaign photoshoot with Miyeon, the reveal continued with model Vivian Roner in Spain, Ibiza.

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[Photo Source=Jimmy Choo]

Model Vivian Roner, through the photoshoot, effortlessly portrayed her own charm and a strong style, perfectly embodying the confidence and powerful aura that Jimmy Choo seeks in women.

Meanwhile, the newly released Spring 2024 campaign by Jimmy Choo can be viewed through their official online store and brand SNS.


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