Seohyun's Lovely Jewelry Styling

Written by Ethan  on 01 Feb, 2024
Seohyun's Lovely Jewelry Styling | 1
[Photo provided by Metrocity]

The Italian neo-classic brand Metrocity Jewelry has unveiled its '24SS CUORE Balloon Collection' advertising campaign with brand muse Seohyun.

Seohyun's Lovely Jewelry Styling | 2
[Photo provided by Metrocity]

The 24SS CUORE Balloon Collection, celebrating the year of the dragon in 2024, symbolizes eternal excitement and passionate love, much like the never-stopping heart of a dragon in European lore.

In the 24SS CUORE Balloon Collection jewelry advertisement video released on Metrocity's official SNS channel, Seohyun captivated viewers with her enchanting gaze and poses that embody the concept of 'FROM MY HEART'. She enhanced her charm by wearing the heart-shaped CUORE Balloon Collection as a point accessory, stirring excitement.

Seohyun's Lovely Jewelry Styling | 3
[Photo provided by Metrocity]

Composed of necklaces, earrings, and bands, the collection is perfect for a Valentine's Day gift, embodying the romantic essence of eternal excitement and love.

The heart-inspired CUORE Balloons use a hollow technique to empty the inside of the metal, creating a voluminous yet lightweight item, ideal for daily wear.

This 24SS season introduces additional lines in 14K rose, sterling silver, and a combination of both materials, expanding the choices for consumers. Notably, the sterling silver line captures the twinkling shape of stars, adding a subtle sparkle.

The 24SS CUORE Balloon Collection is available for a special price both online and offline for a month upon its release, and limited-edition 'Roty' keyrings featuring a black dragon wearing CUORE Balloons are gifted with purchases. 'Roty', chosen through the naming contest 'JUST DON’T CALL ME A DRAGON' on Metrocity's official SNS channel in December, will play a role as a character commemorating the year 2024 for Metrocity.


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