Dior Reveals Timepiece Collection Embodying Couture Aesthetics

Written by Ethan  on 13 Feb, 2024
Dior reveals timepiece collection embodying couture aesthetics | 1
[Photo provided by Dior]

The French fashion house Dior unveiled the Chiffre Rouge (Red Cipher) collection, encapsulating Dior's iconic codes of elegant grace and the aesthetics of couture.

Dior reveals timepiece collection embodying couture aesthetics | 2
[Photo provided by Dior]

This collection, 20 years after its launch, has been reborn with a fresh design in eight new models, offering a new interpretation. The design fluctuates between classic and transformation, showcasing bold and original aspects through the slightly enlarged and narrowed structural asymmetry of the sides, the red crown, and the harmoniously moving hands.

Notably, the color red, termed by Monsieur Dior as the 'color of life,' has been used as a special signature, embodying a strong personality.The number 8, which he loved, is also emphasized in red color, adding symbolic charm to the timepiece.

Dior reveals timepiece collection embodying couture aesthetics | 5
[Photo provided by Dior]

This timepiece features the Cannage line, considered an eternal symbol of Dior, engraved with a fine texture, elaborately and delicately enhancing the graphic on the dial and rotor, maximizing the charm of the dial and rotor. It is equipped with an automatic mechanism that can be admired through the fascinatingly implemented transparent case back, completed with various calibers from chronographs to tourbillons, offering a wide range of choices according to taste.

The interchangeable straps allow for bold mix-and-match styles. Rubber straps enriched with macro and micro Cannage or precious leather material straps can be interchangeably used as desired.

Dior reveals timepiece collection embodying couture aesthetics | 8
[Photo provided by Dior]

The Chiffre Rouge collection, finished with various techniques, adds uniqueness with designs featuring stone decorations or an ultra-black color. The captivating object of eternal modernity is released in two sizes, 38mm and 41mm, allowing both men and women to wear it as a bold statement item.

The Chiffre Rouge collection's new products, showcasing Dior's exceptional originality and uniqueness, are available at Dior boutiques and the official Dior online store.


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