Kim Yong-ji, Elegant Minimal Look

Written by Ethan  on 28 Feb, 2024
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Lifestyle company LF has launched the new women's collection for the 2024 SS season, 'House of Hicks', from the British classic brand 'DAKS', and revealed a photoshoot with exclusive model and actress Kim Yong-ji.

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Former Burberry DAKS Creative Director 'Luc Guadagnino' designed this collection, reflecting the artistic sensibility and design philosophy of 'David Hicks', a British interior designer active in the late 1900s, presented as 'House of Hicks'. DAKS introduces a new Modern British Classic style this season, combining the classical elegance, vibrant colors, and geometric patterns pursued by David Hicks with modern elements.

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Key items include the 'Green Pattern Jacquard Knit Dress' and the 'Navy Belted Collar Dress'. The 'Green Pattern Jacquard Knit Dress' stands out with a new geometric pattern and color not seen in previous DAKS collections, featuring an 'H' line silhouette for comfortable wear and practical pocket design. Additionally, the 'Navy Belted Collar Dress' is a dress that can be easily worn with its full zip-up design, and when styled with the zipper open, it can also be worn as an outer garment, making it a versatile 2-Way item.

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In addition, various DAKS 'House of Hicks' collections can be found at DAKS offline women's stores nationwide and LF Mall.

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Additionally, DAKS is showcasing the main photoshoot for this women's collection with its exclusive model, actress Kim Yong-ji. Having been with DAKS for the years 2022 and 2023, and continuing into this year, Kim Yong-ji has been recognized for her solid acting skills, showcasing a spectrum of acting across genres with dramas like 'Mr. Sunshine', 'Tale of the Nine Tailed', and 'The King'. Furthermore, her timeless, mysterious atmosphere and attractive image have made her a wannabe not only among young women but also across various age groups, presenting a perfect chemistry with DAKS' pursuit of an ageless brand.

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A DAKS LF official stated, "With the 24SS women's new collection, we offer women new options by reinterpreting classic British style with a modern sensibility. While maintaining DAKS' traditional tailoring and luxury materials, we have completed a modern classic premium style that incorporates trendy patterns and colors, and we hope it receives much attention."


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