'Ah Hyo Seop' Spotted at Paris Fashion Week

Written by Ethan  on 07 Mar, 2024
'Ah Hyo Seop' Spotted at Paris Fashion Week | 1
[Photo provided=LACOSTE]

Dongil Lacoste (CEO Bae Jae Hyun), a French fashion sports brand developed by LACOSTE, revealed their Autumn/Winter 2024 collection on Tuesday, March 5th (local time) during Paris Fashion Week.

'Ah Hyo Seop' Spotted at Paris Fashion Week | 2
[Photo provided=LACOSTE]

At the splendid show held at the 'Roland Garros' center court, actor Ah Hyo Seop, selected as LACOSTE's ambassador for 2024, attended the show and illuminated the event.

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[Photo provided=LACOSTE]

This LACOSTE's 24FW show was the debut show of the new creative director, 'Pelagia KOLOTOUROS', expressing a strong homage to René Lacoste, the brand founder and legendary tennis player.

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[Photo provided=LACOSTE]

The brand presented the show at the 'Roland Garros' center court, a location deeply connected to the brand. Known also as the French Open, Roland Garros is the only one of the four major tennis tournaments played on clay courts. It started in 1927 after René won the Davis Cup for France, aiming to establish France as the center of tennis. Consequently, the French Open was created by René Lacoste, and this special location was chosen to showcase the stage to connect the brand's heritage with the present.

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[Photo provided=LACOSTE]

Pelagia reinterpreted the iconic brand heritage with her unique creative vision while respecting it, offering LACOSTE's new vision of French Fashion Sport where the brand's legacy and trends meet.

The fusion of René Lacoste's essential free French style with ultramodernity, showcasing an elegant athletic heritage that blends aesthetic beauty with sports performance at the crossroads of function and fashion, has completed a new line that expresses LACOSTE's unique French heritage and elegance.

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[Photo provided=LACOSTE]

The show was based on the first illustration of LACOSTE's unique emblem 'the crocodile' designed by 'René' and artist 'Robert George' in 1927, and also emphasized powerful, minimal silhouettes and colorful graphics throughout the collection line as impactful design elements, enhancing femininity and splendor with mesh lace dresses and overall silver sequin embroidery.

Inspired by the American adventure of young 'René', the tennis polos and tennis pleats, fleece materials, and the pop art style jacquard took inspiration from 'René’s Davis Cup victory, taken from LACOSTE's original archives.

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The pleated skirts, inspired by the skirts worn by tennis champion Suzanne Lenglen, were made of classic twill material showcasing a perfect tailored look, while adding sports elements by crimping leather, creating transformations. Functional products such as sports tops and puffer jackets also demonstrated the proper fusion of fashion and function, while robes cut to emphasize free movement were draped over sports tops and fitted jackets, presenting a flexible and progressive look.

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[Photo provided=LACOSTE]

Lace, silk, sheer layers, and draping contrasted naturally against sporty functional materials, merging elegance and sophistication, function and comfort, and structural ease. The colors also symbolize LACOSTE's victory with the blue sky, grass and green court, pure white, sensual black, and the contrasting reddish-brown of the clay court.

Meanwhile, fans from all over the world, not just France, gathered from the airport to the venue to see actor Ah Hyo Seop, creating a sea of people and drawing attention with numerous cheers.


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