'2024 K-Fashion Night' successfully held in Paris

Written by Ethan  on 15 Mar, 2024
'2024 K-Fashion Night' successfully held in Paris | 1
[Photo provided by the Korean Fashion Designers Federation, Lie]

As K-fashion is increasingly being recognized and appreciated globally, leading to the overseas expansion of domestic creative-based designer brands with global competitiveness, a runway featuring three Korean designers was held in Paris, the heart of high-end fashion.

The '2024 K-Fashion Night' organized by the Korean Fashion Designers Federation (President Myung Yooseok) featured fashion shows by ▲Designer Park Hyun 'Meme' ▲Designer Lee Chung Chung 'Lie' ▲Designer Yang Yoon Ah 'Vegan Tiger' during the Paris Fashion Week on March 4th at 7 PM.

The event held at Palais de Tokyo, a landmark and currently one of the hottest places in Paris, served as an opportunity to showcase the next generation of K-fashion designers with global competitiveness, thus promoting the presence of K-fashion in the heart of Paris, the city of fashion, to people around the world.

The event was attended by high-potential buyers for Korean fashion designer brands such as Paris A'VilleVie, KILLIWATCH, London ALOTHMAN, Singapore Society A, and Japan Circulation, as well as global press including BAZAAR, MARIE CLAIRE, DAZED, Cosmopolitan, and W. The attendance of distinguished guests like Choi Jae Chul, the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to France, Lee Il Yeol, the Director of the Korean Cultural Center, Park Sang Mi, the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to UNESCO, Christelle Cagi Nicolau from Paris Fashion Union, and celebrity Ki Eun Se illuminated the event, confirming the prestige of K-fashion with a total of 300 attendees.

'2024 K-Fashion Night' successfully held in Paris | 2
[Photo provided by the Korean Fashion Designers Federation, Meme]

Designer Park Hyun's Meme 2024 F/W collection began with a return to 90s minimalism, reinterpreting the human instinct to crave playfulness and projecting the 90s childhood of the designer, hoping to make life more valuable for people of all ages.

Designer Lee Chung Chung's Lie was inspired by the 2024 Paris Olympics and Paralympics, expressing a festival image where everyone comes together, moving beyond conflict and confrontation, under the title 'All-ympic'. The signature mix and match combination of Lie highlighted each identity while respecting diversity, forming a unique and harmonious color palette by combining Olympic-inspired colors with black, brown, and grey, the basic colors for autumn and winter.

'2024 K-Fashion Night' successfully held in Paris | 3
[Photo provided by the Korean Fashion Designers Federation, Vegan Tiger]

Designer Yang Yoon Ah of Vegan Tiger created a bold and glamorous mix-and-match style based on the unique artwork of Vegan Tiger. The season's campaign theme revolves around wildflowers, discussing the vitality of life that suddenly appears in the grey city. Vegan Tiger's collection was made using sustainable materials such as organic cotton, organic denim, and recycled nylon from waste, with the brand's logo designed as a monogram to create an organic shape.

Furthermore, the '2024 K-Fashion Night' featured fashion shows by three designers (Park Hyun, Yang Yoon Ah, Lee Chung Chung) who have won the 'Korean Designer Fashion Awards' and participated in 'Tranoï', a leading trade show, and 'The Selects', a global sales platform showroom, during the Paris Fashion Week.

The event was organized by the Korean Fashion Designers Federation, which stated, "Through this event, we hope to show the potential for growth of K-fashion in the global market and create opportunities for actual business results, and we will continue to make efforts to expand support for the global expansion of designer fashion brands."


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