Witte's 24SS Elegant 'Ballet-Core Look'

Written by Ethan  on 20 Mar, 2024
Witte's 24SS Elegant 'Ballet-Core Look' | 1
[Photo source=Gritee, 'Ballet Fit Class' held in March]

The French premium athleisure brand 'Witte' from GRITEE, Inc. proposes a 'Ballet-Core Look' style for this spring season, interpreted in Witte's unique French style.

Witte's 24SS Elegant 'Ballet-Core Look' | 2
[Photo source=Gritee, Witte's new spring season 'Chiffon Long Skirt' (left) and 'Euro Jersey Cross Cover-Up Long Sleeve Tee' (right)]

The Ballet-Core look proposed by Witte is characterized by its elegance and classic ballerina look, featuring a see-through mesh top paired with a voluminous chiffon long skirt, showcasing Witte's French premium aesthetic.

The 'Witte Pullover Mesh Long Sleeve Tee' is a thin, lightweight see-through material cover-up that boasts elasticity, comfortable movement, and a pleasant wearing experience. Paired with the Chiffon Long Skirt, it creates a classic Ballet-Core look. The 'Witte Chiffon Long Skirt' uses a soft and voluminous chiffon material, offering comfort and a long, A-line silhouette that falls to the ankles. It can be worn as a ballet outfit with toe shoes or matched with various tops as a daily item.

Witte's 24SS Elegant 'Ballet-Core Look' | 3
[Photo source=Gritee, 'Ballet Fit Class' held in March]

The 'Witte Euro Jersey Cross Cover-Up Long Sleeve Tee' also featured, adds a feminine mood with its overlapping design and subtle shirring details. The applied Euro Jersey material is known for its UPF +50 UV protection, lightweight and soft touch, excellent abrasion resistance, making it an ideal functional fabric for athleisure wear.

Witte's 24SS Elegant 'Ballet-Core Look' | 4
[Photo source=Gritee, 'Ballet Fit Class' held in March]

As the Ballet-Core look trend is rapidly rising, Witte successfully concluded the 'Witte Day Premium Class' on March 9th, themed around 'Posture Correction Ballet Fit Class'. The class was conducted with Witte ambassador Lee Ga-ram, known for her roles in the musical 'Ballerina Who Loved a B-Boy' and the book 'Wanting to be a Pilates Instructor, Medical Ballet', teaching ballet fit movements that help with posture correction.

Participants of the Witte Day class in March were presented with a set package of top and bottom that lets them experience the Ballet-Core look of Witte, along with a Saint Mary Twilly silk scarf and scarf ring, which could add points to their hair styling or outfits.


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