Trendy Jacket Styling Suggestions

Written by Ethan  on 22 Mar, 2024
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As the cold winter swept by the office core look trend passes and spring with its clear temperature differences arrives, we suggest styling with jackets for those wondering what to wear in the transitional weather. From charming tweed jackets to solve your spring basket of worries to minimal and formal blazers, let's explore various spring styling options.

#Layered Item Styling

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[Photo source=Seohyun personal SNS]

As the representative preppy look of layered styling emerges, blazer jackets are also regaining popularity.

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[Photo source=(2)Stella McCartney / (3)Dsquared2 / (4)Golden Goose / (5)Philipp Plein Golf / (6,7)Moina / (8)Michael Kors (from top to bottom, left to right)]

If you layer a black blazer from Golden Goose with a long knit from Stella McCartney and scratched texture pants from Dsquared2, along with a knit vest from Philipp Plein Golf, you can achieve a non-burdensome daily styling. For accessories, we recommend Michael Kors strap heels and a Moina canvas Boston bag.

#Charming Tweed Item Styling

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[Photo source=Gieunse personal SNS]
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[Photo source=(2,3)Barrie / (4)Janet & Joyce / (6)Sergio Rossi / (7)Stella McCartney / (5,8)MCM (from top to bottom, left to right)]
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If you have plans for an outing with your partner, trying out a cashmere material tweed jacket and shorts from Barrie can also create a lovely mood.

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[Photo source=Sacai]

Besides, a tank top with a bold expression from Sacai paired with a well-knitted tweed jacket and a floral pattern skirt can elevate the glamour with a casual but avant-garde presentation.

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[Photo source=Seohyun personal SNS]

The lace blouse from Janet & Joyce can inject vitality into any outfit, making it a perfect match for various clothes. The attractive monogrammed MCM scarf, the orange color tote bag, the recycled fabric used in Stella McCartney's Framed Mirum Mini Bag, and the high-gloss silver-colored kitten heels from Sergio Rossi can be used as point items with the tweed jacket.

#Boy Look Styling with Blazer Jacket Items

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[Photo source=(1)Wooyoungmi / (2)Sacai]

We also recommend boy look styling that lightens the weight and can be casually styled. Wooyoungmi presented a stylish and simple look by matching a tailor vest with blazer items and a cap.

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[Photo source=Suzy personal SNS]

An all-black fashion from Sacai might seem monotonous but, adding pocket design and accessories can emphasize a free-spirited vibe.

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[Photo source=(3,6)J.Lindeberg / (4,5)Dsquared2 / (7)Golden Goose (from top to bottom, left to right)]

Besides, styling with J.Lindeberg's ivory-colored jacket, Bermuda shorts of mid-length, and Golden Goose's Marathon sneakers can create an even more attractive boy look. If you're looking for an outerwear that's easy to wear daily and not a blazer jacket, complete trendy styling with the Y2K style denim jacket with painting printing from Dsquared2.


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