WEi's Kim Yohan's Chic Sporty Look

Written by Ethan  on 26 Mar, 2024
WEi's Kim Yohan's Chic Sporty Look | 1
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Magazine 'Beauty+' has released a visual photoshoot of Kim Yohan, who is currently active as an MC for 'University Athletic Competition: Boys Athletes Village'. In the released photoshoot, Kim Yohan exudes diverse charms by stylishly pulling off a sporty look.

WEi's Kim Yohan's Chic Sporty Look | 2
[Photo Source=Beauty+]

Kim Yohan, who is acting as a tailored MC for the university sports event, said about his reason for being selected, "I think it was because I could empathize well being of the same age as the participants and being an athlete myself." He reminisced about his days as a national taekwondo team reserve saying, "I feel a surge of warmth thinking, 'I was like that during my athlete days.' I do not regret becoming a singer, but sometimes, I wish to compete with the same passion as before."

WEi's Kim Yohan's Chic Sporty Look | 3
[Photo Source=Beauty+]

"It feels like time is passing too quickly, I wish it would slow down a bit," says Kim Yohan, reflecting on his four years since debut. When asked about the moment he decided to become an idol, he shared, "It was during my Produce X days when I felt a thrill from the cheers directed at me, and after becoming a singer, I thought I made the right decision whenever performing in front of fans. I wouldn't exist without them," expressing his gratitude towards his fans.

Regarding the drive behind succeeding in any field he challenges, from being a national team reserve to debuting as a singer and winning the Best New Actor award, Kim Yohan simply explained, "Though it may sound trite, I just worked hard on what was in front of me, what I needed to do at the moment."

Meanwhile, Kim Yohan, who serves as the MC, can be seen on 'University Athletic Competition: Boys Athletes Village,' which airs every Sunday night on MBC and Lifetime.


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