Springtime for Hiking, 'Hyomin's' Hiking Look OOTD'

Written by Ethan  on 27 Mar, 2024
Springtime for Hiking, 'Hyomin's' Hiking Look OOTD  | 1
[Photo Source=Hyomin's Personal SNS]

Hyomin chose beige-toned bootcut leggings and a cream-toned zip-up jacket for her spring hiking look.

Springtime for Hiking, 'Hyomin's' Hiking Look OOTD  | 2
[Photo Source=Hyomin's Personal SNS]

Matching a bucket hat in the same tone maintains the color combination balance and offers a two-in-one effect of protecting the precious face from the spring sunlight.

Springtime for Hiking, 'Hyomin's' Hiking Look OOTD  | 3
[Photo Source=Hyomin's Personal SNS]

Colors like beige and cream, neutral tones, blend well with the natural hues of spring and can provide a bright and cheery feeling while hiking up the mountain.

Springtime for Hiking, 'Hyomin's' Hiking Look OOTD  | 4
[Photo Source=Hyomin's Personal SNS]

Especially, the bootcut leggings chosen by Hyomin are not only suitable for active movements but also create a slim-looking line, maintaining a stylish feel.

Springtime for Hiking, 'Hyomin's' Hiking Look OOTD  | 5
[Photo Source=Hyomin's Personal SNS]

The zip-up jacket is easy to put on and take off, making it convenient to adjust for temperature changes, which is particularly useful for sudden weather shifts that are common in spring.

Since safety is important when hiking, if you plan to climb higher mountains, it's better to choose hiking boots or trekking shoes. Also, it's good to check whether the jacket allows sufficient ventilation and does not restrict movement.

When choosing leggings, design is important, but it's also crucial to ensure they are stretchy enough and capable of absorbing and wicking away sweat.


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