Levi's Unveils '2024 Live in Levi’s' Campaign

Written by Ethan  on 28 Mar, 2024
Levi's Unveils '2024 Live in Levi’s' Campaign | 1
[Photo Credit=Levi's]

For the past decade, Levi's has been walking its own path with the belief that it must always move forward, and as part of that campaign, it begins '2024 Live in Levi’s'.

For the '2024 Live in Levi’s' campaign, a campaign video is released, and an #LevisOpenCall open audition for dancers worldwide is started, offering the opportunity to participate in an exclusive video by Grammy-winning producer and DJ Kaytranada. Kicking off with the theme 'The Floor Is Yours', the '2024 Live in Levi’s' campaign vividly portrays the new season's products, showcasing videos filled with powerful expressions of dance and energy.

Levi's Unveils '2024 Live in Levi’s' Campaign | 2
[Photo Credit=Levi's]

This video, directed by Omar Jones and choreographed by Sherrie Silver, begins with an attractive chain reaction of dance scenes as one person moves and breaks conventions, showing people trapped in a traditional and static world. The background music in the video is the first teaser of an unreleased track by Kaytranada featuring Channel Tres, which will be released later this year, ahead of a new album release.

Levi's starts the #LevisOpenCall recruitment, offering dancers from all walks of life with diverse backgrounds and experiences the chance to participate in the exclusive video shoot for the unreleased Kaytranada track previewed in the campaign film. #LevisOpenCall is open to everyone who loves dance, welcoming communities from all over the world, encouraging them to showcase their talent and courage to take on challenges.

Levi's Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Kenny Mitchell, said 'The '2024 Live in Levi's' campaign supports those who work in their own way and advance culture,' and 'We wanted to inspire active people around the world through this campaign and are proud to collaborate with the incredibly talented Kaytranada. We look forward to seeing how people respond to this casting call.'


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