Stray Kids' Hyunjin, Revealing Sensually Captivating Photoshoot

Written by Ethan  on 28 Mar, 2024
Stray Kids' Hyunjin, Revealing Sensually Captivating Photoshoot | 1
[Photo Source=KILIAN]

The fashion magazine 'W Korea' unveiled a photoshoot featuring Hyunjin of Stray Kids and the French luxury perfume brand KILIAN PARIS.

KILIAN PARIS was launched by Kilian Hennessy, born into a prestigious French cognac producing family, applying the sensibilities and discernment inherited from his ancestors to the realm of fragrance. KILIAN offers five sensory and olfactory stimulating lines: Fresh, Narcotics, Cellars, Smoke, and Liquors.

Stray Kids' Hyunjin, Revealing Sensually Captivating Photoshoot | 2
[Photo Source=KILIAN]

In the revealed photoshoot, Hyunjin captivates with his uniquely ethereal yet nonchalant gaze and enchanting aura, showcasing a different charm than before and dominating the viewer's attention. Particularly, Hyunjin exudes a unique aura with KILIAN's 'Moonlight in Heaven', 'Angels' Share', and 'Smoking Hot' perfumes.

'Angels' Share', featured in the photoshoot for its deep sensuality, is one of the brand's most iconic scents, inspired by Kilian Hennessy's childhood memories of the Hennessy family's cellar. It combines the warmth of hazelnut and cinnamon with the rich aroma of cognac to evoke intimate moments.

Stray Kids' Hyunjin, Revealing Sensually Captivating Photoshoot | 3
[Photo Source=KILIAN]

'Moonlight in Heaven', another fragrance, is part of the Fresh line, created from Kilian Hennessy's inspiration during a trip to Thailand. It starts with spicy, tropical fruity citrus notes and blends perfectly with the smooth, sweet scent of coconut, evoking an exotic atmosphere. 'Smoking Hot' captures the sweetness of smoke and aged oak cognac.

Hyunjin perfectly completes the photoshoot, making the fragrances curious to the viewer by showcasing expressions that match the scent of each perfume, ranging from cool and chic to mature and deeply sensual. Additionally, a special interview video introducing Hyunjin's method of applying perfume, particularly choosing 'Moonlight in Heaven' as the scent that suits him currently, will soon be available.


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