VOV x Jean-Michel Basquiat, A Fresh and Unique Encounter

Written by Ethan  on 29 Mar, 2024
VOV x Jean-Michel Basquiat, A Fresh and Unique Encounter | 1
[Photo Credit=VOV (Voice of Voices)]

The women's clothing brand VOV (Voice of Voices), operated by Shinsegae Tomboy, is launching a collaboration collection this month featuring the works of American graffiti prodigy ‘Jean-Michel Basquiat’.

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[Photo Credit=VOV (Voice of Voices)]

With the spread of art democratization and a significant increase in museum visits among the 2030 generation, the plan is to captivate the fashion-sensitive younger demographic by incorporating the works of world-renowned artists into clothing. ‘Jean-Michel Basquiat’ was a graffiti artist active in the United States in the early 1980s. Known as a genius artist who elevated graffiti to art, he is called the ‘Black Picasso’ and continues to be loved to this day. His works incorporate African American culture and a spirit of social rebellion, characterized by simple drawings and vivid colors.

VOV x Jean-Michel Basquiat, A Fresh and Unique Encounter | 3
[Photo Credit=VOV (Voice of Voices)]

This collection will be released in a total of 20 styles including t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, vests, and denim. It offers a casual yet sophisticated style for women, wittily featuring Basquiat's iconic graphics such as crowns and skulls. The t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts incorporate Basquiat's unique scribble drawing style and crown logo into the design, and are produced in bright spring colors like white, red, and green. The products are designed for versatility in everyday life, from relaxed and ample silhouettes to short cropped lengths.

The denim line includes everything from light jackets perfect for the mid-season to vintage-washed denim skirts and pants. The cropped denim jackets are accentuated with large Basquiat lettering on the back as a highlight. Pairing them with maxi skirts or loose-fit jeans can complete a sophisticated denim-on-denim look. In addition, various accessories featuring Basquiat graphics as highlights, such as knit bags, bucket hats, and socks, are also available for sale.

An Instagram comment event is being held on VOV's official account until April 7th, and a specially made Basquiat picnic mat will be awarded by lottery. Also, during the same period, a 10% discount is offered on Basquiat collection products at all VOV stores and the proprietary digital platform S.I.VILLAGE.

A Shinsegae Tomboy VOV official said, “We plan to pursue collaborations with various fields targeting the young generation who pursue fresh and unique fashion.”


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