Lee Hyori, Trendy Style that Trandscends Time.

Written by Ethan  on 12 Apr, 2024
The Legendary 'Lee Hyori', Timelessly Trendy | 1
[Photo provided by Reebok]

The lifestyle company LF, which operates the global sports brand 'Reebok', has released a sneaker collection photoshoot with their ambassador Lee Hyori.

The Legendary 'Lee Hyori', Timelessly Trendy | 2
[Photo provided by Reebok]

The theme of this sneaker collection photoshoot, 'Whenever, Wherever Classic', highlights the meeting of two icons who possess a timeless and distinctive style. The photoshoot includes Reebok's signature sneakers and new releases, suggesting trendy styling options using their hallmark shoes.

The Legendary 'Lee Hyori', Timelessly Trendy | 3
[Photo provided by Reebok]
The Legendary 'Lee Hyori', Timelessly Trendy | 4
[Photo provided by Reebok]

A Reebok official explained this photoshoot as, "We aimed to showcase a modern reinterpretation of classicism by blending iconic Reebok sneakers and trademark styles from each era together with current fashion trends. To demonstrate that idea, we collaborated with Lee Hyori, a symbol of her era and an icon of unique fashion sense, to create styles that represent the classic sentiments of Reebok from the 1980s to the 2000s."

The Legendary 'Lee Hyori', Timelessly Trendy | 5
[Photo provided by Reebok]
The Legendary 'Lee Hyori', Timelessly Trendy | 6
[Photo provided by Reebok]

The sneaker stylings from the 1980s and 1990s reenacted the era's glamorous and romantic fashion. The above photos display Reebok’s signature sneaker 'Club C85' released in 1985, the 'Club C Ground UK' inspired by the 1980s Reebok football archives and their motif of football stadium terraces, and the 'Insta Pump Fury' launched in 1994 that popularized Reebok’s innovative 'Pump' technology. In the photoshoot, these sneakers were styled with feminine items such as ruffle dresses and lace mini dresses in a mix-and-match style.

The Legendary 'Lee Hyori', Timelessly Trendy | 7
[Photo provided by Reebok]

The 2000s' sneaker stylings featured bold and trendy Y2K fashion with various layering techniques. Highlighted styles include the 'Trinity KFS' running shoes released in 2006, the 'Premier Road Plus VI' a.k.a the 'Lee Hyori shoes' representing Reebok's Premier running series launched in 2009, and the newly released 'Premier Floatride Shadow' from 2024. These sneakers were styled in a stylish Y2K mood, layered with bold, fiesty items such as swimsuits and cargo pants or styled in an underbust outfit.

The Legendary 'Lee Hyori', Timelessly Trendy | 9
[Photo provided by Reebok]

What's more, two of the six sneakers featured in the photoshoot are being released today. Launching as a lifestyle sneaker, the 'Premier Floatride Shadow' combines the upper from Reebok's heritage running shoe 'DMX Trail Shadow' with a newly developed Floatride midsole for 2024. Additionally, as Reebok globally begins the official re-release of the 'Insta Pump Fury' on its 30th anniversary, two new colors of the shoe (yellow, blue) are also introduced to us.

The Legendary 'Lee Hyori', Timelessly Trendy | 10
[Photo provided by Reebok]

As a global sports brand with a 129-year-old history, persuasive narrative, and across-all-age popularity, LF has been actively promoting various marketing activities emphasizing Reebok's heritage since October 2022, the official launching of Reebok in Korea. This year, by expanding its lineup from heritage sneakers to sports lifestyle wear, Reebok plans to solidify its image as a heritage brand encompassing all styles and ages.


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