Gucci Reveala Their New Leather Selection

Written by Ethan  on 22 Apr, 2024

Gucci Unveils New Leather Selection | 1
[Image courtesy of Gucci]

The Italian luxury brand Gucci is opening a new leather selection in celebration of the upcoming month of May, known as the month of gratitude. The collection reinterprets the house's iconic styles and codes, the new lineup including the signature GG Marmont line and Gucci Jackie handbags, along with the Gucci Valigeria collection, featuring traditional craftsmanship. This diverse range of products with various leather accessories, is perfect as a gift or a special item to share with your loved ones, with selections for both men and women.

Gucci Unveils New Leather Selection | 2
[Image courtesy of Gucci]

In the gift selection for women, there are new leather items, including the GG Marmont line with its chevron quilted leather and double G logo, reflecting the aesthetics of creative director Sabato De Sarno. The new Gucci Jackie bag, with its snap hook closure inspired by archival designs, is available in two pastel colors and classic black, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to any look.

Gucci Unveils New Leather Selection | 3
[Image courtesy of Gucci]

For the men, the collection offers a range of leather products such as various sizes of duffel bags wearing black GG Supreme material and leather trim details, along with crossbody bags made with black GG Supreme and leather. These designs are perfect in how are both practical and stylish.

Signature loafers with the iconic horsebit emblem and belts with the double G buckle are also available.

Gucci Unveils New Leather Selection | 4
[Image courtesy of Gucci]

What's more is that you can even find the Re-web sneakers, the first sneakers by Sabato De Sarno, which have become a staple for Gucci. The Re-web sneakers feature the Gucci Web stripe and other brand-symbolic details with a modern silhouette.

The diverse selection of Gucci gifts is available for purchase at select Gucci stores, including the Gucci House and Gucci Cheongdam Flagship Store, with some items also available at the official Gucci online store.


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