‘Wedding Season’ Chic - Guest Fashion Recommendations

Written by Ethan  on 16 May, 2024
‘Wedding Season’ Chic Guest Fashion Recommendations | 1
[Photo courtesy of Kuho]

As demand for weddings rise in ‘wedding month’ May, many of you are wondering what to wear to celebrate the union of your loved ones. Well, fret not - because these fashion house has understood this need for wedding guest garments. On May 16th, the Samsung Fashion Division suggested some guest attire for their consumers, simultaneously capturing a sense of fashion with personal ambiance during what's dubbed ‘wedding season’ in May.

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[Photo courtesy of Kuho]

When attending a wedding, considering the TPO (Time, Place, Occasion) of the event is a crucial process to go through before choosing what to wear. A guest attire to a wedding should be suitably formal yet eye-catching.

‘Wedding Season’ Chic Guest Fashion Recommendations | 3
[Photo courtesy of Kuho Plus]

Trending towards individual ‘pursuit of beauty’, guests may opt for a classic tweed jacket/skirt set or an elegant dress, providing a neat and sophisticated impression for anyone you may run into during the event.

‘Wedding Season’ Chic Guest Fashion Recommendations | 4
[Photo courtesy of Kuho]

As we near summer, temperatures are also rising. Consider varying materials in your clothing, for utility and for style. This summer, the new Officecore trend will fortunartly frequently some feature light and transparent materials to try on. 

# ‘Tweed’ Set for Sophistication

A jacket/skirt set is always a winning combination when it comes to guest attires. A uniform material setup not only provides consistency but also draws attention at formal events with its uniformity.

Particularly, luxurious tweed materials elevate sophistication of its wearer. Moving away from mid-season items, light tweed tops and skirts in sleeveless or short-sleeved jackets are gaining attention for summer, to recommend an item.

‘Wedding Season’ Chic Guest Fashion Recommendations | 5
[Photo courtesy of Kuho Plus]

Kuho Plus of Samsung Fashion Division revealed various jacket/skirt set photoshoots for this season. Featuring minimalist designs, they launched a trendy tweed jacket and miniskirt set. The refreshing touch of cotton-blend tweed material makes the set-up comfortable to wear and its short length gives a youthful feel when styled in a look. If you're looking for somthing more chic, they also paired an oversized khaki jacket with an A-line pleated miniskirt.

‘Wedding Season’ Chic Guest Fashion Recommendations | 6
[Photo courtesy of Theory]

Meanwhile, theory introduced luxurious linen tweed set-ups with a natural texture and subtle sheen. Combining a simple sleeveless top with a voluminous skirt maximizes a calm yet refined aptitude of its wearer.

#The Perfect ‘Dress’ for Your Pursuit of Beauty

Whether elegant, mature, or charming, acquiring a dress that fits your ‘pursuit of beauty’ is beneficial. Wearing a formal mood dress alone highlights its natural silhouette, or accessorizing a simple dress with hair accessories or bold jewelry can complete an atmospheric guest look with just one piece.

‘Wedding Season’ Chic Guest Fashion Recommendations | 7
[Photo courtesy of Lebeige]

Lebeige released a range of stylish mood dresses this summer. They introduced a clean, modern silhouette H-line dress with organza at its sleeve ends as a highlight to the garment.

‘Wedding Season’ Chic Guest Fashion Recommendations | 8
[Photo courtesy of Lebeige]

They also featured a series of cotton silk dresses with colorful, rhythmic pattern prints and some formal mood Italian-viscose material dresses for a dignified and elegant styling.

‘Wedding Season’ Chic Guest Fashion Recommendations | 9
[Photo courtesy of Kuho]

Kuho proposed a season's guest look with a layered wrap design long dress, emphasizing femininity with a slim waistline and flared volume toward the bottom. A sheer contrast fabric at the hem adds a sense of cool and luxury. The waist belt allows for versatile styling, which many consumers often look for when purchasing clothes.

#Romantic and Cool ‘Sheer’

If you want to emphasize a feminine vibe, consider wearing a sheer blouse. Pair a neat setup or cotton, denim pants with a sheer blouse or skirt to add a romantic touch.

‘Wedding Season’ Chic Guest Fashion Recommendations | 10
[Photo courtesy of Cotello]

Cotello launched crop shirts made of sheer fabric in pastel colors like lavender and apple green. Its short length pairs well with high-waisted cotton pants or skirts, or can be worn over a light inner layer to create a delicate appearance, making it versatile for summer use.

To add on to that, Kuho also introduced a refreshing print design sheer blouse. The back ruching details of Kuho's sheer blouses adds a fluttery feel, and its neck tie can be draped or tied for a variety of different styles.

A representative from Samsung Fashion Division stated, “As trends continue to value individual tastes and personalities, various guest attire concepts that can complete one's desired image while being appropriately formal are appearing at wedding venues. It is hoped that everyone will reveal their own ‘pursuit of beauty’ through staple guest attire items like sets, dresses, and blouses, using materials like tweed and sheer to add a special mood,”



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