Beige or Red: Which Swimsuit "Fits"?

Written by Ethan  on 16 May, 2024

Is it already the season of swimming-pool-vacays? Well, it doesn't matter. When two gorgeous actresses seem to be enjoying a little bit ahead of the season, who are we to say no to some pre-season swimwear? Just recently, the korean actresses Kieunse and Se-young Lee put on some stunning swimsuits for us to parrot during the summer: Kieunse presents to us a stylish and classic resort look with an elegantly cream-toned swimwear, while the actress Se-young showcases her bubbly charm in a vibrant red-colored bikini.

Beige vs. Red: Which Swimsuit Fits Best? | 3
[Photo source: Kieunse's personal SNS]

Taking a look at Kieunse's swimming-pool look, we can spot that her elegant beige monokini adds a natural and sophisticated aura to the actress. The simple design of the piece serves to enhance the natural and laid-back characteristics of beige, adding a touch of refinedness to the swimwear.

Beige vs. Red: Which Swimsuit Fits Best? | 4
[Photo source: Kieunse's personal SNS]
Beige vs. Red: Which Swimsuit Fits Best? | 7
[Photo source: Kieunse's personal SNS]

Beige swimsuits go incredibly well with cool-toned or fair-skinned people, and are also recommended for those who want something that speaks "I'm effortlessly graceful" at the pool.

Beige vs. Red: Which Swimsuit Fits Best? | 8
[Photo source: Kieunse's personal SNS]

Beige is a color of elegance and luxury itself, so it doesn't surprise us that the famed actress chose to sport something in the same hue.

Beige vs. Red: Which Swimsuit Fits Best? | 9
[Photo source: Se-young's personal SNS]

Conversely to the monokini, this red swimsuit chosen by Se-young suits people with warm-toned skin and is for those who prefer a more bold and classic style than the last design.

Beige vs. Red, Which Swimsuit Fits Best? | 10
[Photo source: Se-young's personal SNS]

Red creates a striking and bold look, allowing for a confident style presentation as the fiery color compliments its wearer.

Using red, a sexy and vivacious image is accentuated, completing a vibrant look for the upcoming summer.

Beige or red, what's your pick?

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