Lee Junho & An Yujin's Outdoor Lifestyle Suggestions

Written by Ethan  on 16 Feb, 2024

Outdoor brand NEPA has released the 'JOYOUS HIKER' concept 2024 Spring/Summer (SS) photoshoot with models Lee Junho and An Yujin. NEPA, following its previous model An Yujin from the group IVE, has selected singer and actor Lee Junho as a new brand model this year and is embarking on a full-scale 24SS season campaign.

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[Photo provided by NEPA]

NEPA stated that model Lee Junho was selected for his strong yet bright and healthy charm, which aligns with the brand's aspiration to convey the joy of nature. Lee Junho, who has been active in various fields as an actor and singer, is expected to widely promote the brand spirit that NEPA pursues, receiving love from all generations.

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[Photo provided by NEPA]

In this photoshoot, NEPA presents hikers enjoying the pleasures of nature in their journey, under the 'JOYOUS HIKER' concept, advocating a positive outdoor life. This photoshoot allows one to encounter a variety of spring/summer new items equipped with advanced technology and design.

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[Photo provided by NEPA]

This year, NEPA targets the outdoor market with functional techwear capable of responding to unpredictable climate changes, reflecting diversified and segmented outdoor trends. It proposes styles encompassing the overall outdoor life, centered around the 'Mountain Division' for traditional outdoor activities like hiking, trail running based on technical wear, and the 'Outdoor Life' line for more casual activities like light trekking and camping.

A NEPA official stated, "Ahead of the official outdoor season, we're introducing new products under the 'JOYOUS HIKER' concept that convey the joy of nature during travels," and "we ask for a lot of interest and anticipation for the NEPA SS season campaign activities with models Lee Junho and An Yujin, who are loved across all generations for their bright and healthy charm."


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