Seohyun, Jewelry Style for the Upcoming White Day

Written by Ethan  on 07 Mar, 2024
 Seohyun, Jewelry Style for the Upcoming White Day | 1
[Photo Source=METROCITY]

The Italian Neo Classic brand METROCITY Jewelry has unveiled a new campaign with its brand muse Seohyun, the '24SS LA ROSA Collection'.

 Seohyun, Jewelry Style for the Upcoming White Day | 2
[Photo Source=METROCITY]

In the 'I AM FLOWER' concept photoshoot, Seohyun, wearing jewelry from the La Rosa collection, exudes loveable and feminine qualities along with a mature charm.

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[Photo Source=METROCITY]

The La Rosa collection for the 24SS season is characterized by its trendy and elegant style with voluminous three-dimensional mood, utilizing rose quartz and crystals. The exquisite and delicate stone setting, inspired by enchanting roses, adds a fresh spring atmosphere.

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[Photo Source=METROCITY]

The main products, two types of necklaces, showcase a design with a convex three-dimensional form that resembles overlapping petals, highlighting METROCITY's unique delicate stone cushion cutting technique. The opaque polished and subtly radiant white crystal and the clear and pure colored rose quartz crystal are great items for creating a warm spring feeling.

The La Rosa collection, besides necklaces, includes earrings, rings, and bracelets, allowing for versatile styling depending on the mood. It is recommended as a jewelry gift for a significant other or dear ones for the upcoming White Day.


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