Mina, today's look is feminine with a white skirt

Written by Ethan  on 08 Mar, 2024
Mina, feminine today in a white skirt | 1
[Photo Source=Min Ah's Personal SNS]

Girls' Day Min Ah presents elegant spring fashion with a feminine white-colored skirt.

Mina, feminine today in a white skirt | 2
[Photo Source=Min Ah's Personal SNS]

The A-line skirt of midi length styled by Min Ah naturally reveals the leg line and accentuates the waistline, creating a feminine silhouette.

Mina, feminine today in a white skirt | 3
[Photo Source=Min Ah's Personal SNS]

Matching a black top like Min Ah creates an elegant and classic image. Adding simple accessories such as a pearl necklace is also a good way to add a point to the look.

Mina, feminine today in a white skirt | 4
[Photo Source=Min Ah's Personal SNS]

In particular, the style matched with a tight silhouette top like Min Ah's is perfect as a business look. Adding a neat blazer or jacket creates an even more professional image.

If you want to style in a romantic atmosphere, match it with tops made of materials like lace or chiffon. For such looks, adding bold colored lipstick and a small clutch can further enhance the romantic atmosphere.

Refer to Min Ah's lovely skirt styling and try out your own adorable skirt styling suitable for your style.


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