Lee Ho Jung, chic in a black turtleneck sweater

Written by Ethan  on 09 Mar, 2024
Lee Ho Jung, chic in a black turtleneck sweater | 1
[Photo Source=Lee Ho Jung's Personal SNS]

The black color is generally associated with a sophisticated and elegant image. The turtleneck design, which wraps around the neck, offers a classic yet modern feel.

Lee Ho Jung has completed an elegant and stylish look by matching a black turtleneck sweater with white-colored wide pants. She chose Ralph Lauren's RL 888 collection top handle bag as a point.

Lee Ho Jung, chic in a black turtleneck sweater | 2
[Photo Source=Lee Ho Jung's Personal SNS]

Many professionals choose black turtleneck sweaters for important meetings or presentations. This is because the clean and tidy feel of the black turtleneck sweater helps in building a professional and trustworthy image.

The former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, almost always wore a black turtleneck when appearing in public. His black turtleneck was in line with Apple's design philosophy, pursuing functional beauty with simplicity and sophistication, minimizing unnecessary decorations. Typically, wearing a black sweater symbolizes professionalism and reliability, which can be seen as conveying his seriousness about his work and the reliability of Apple's products to the public.

Lee Ho Jung, chic in a black turtleneck sweater | 3
[Photo Source=Lee Ho Jung's Personal SNS]

Thus, black turtlenecks are often associated with people in creative professions. They symbolize an intellectual and creative lifestyle, reflecting an attitude that values unique ideas and aesthetic expression.

A black turtleneck gives a concise and refined feel. It allows completing a style without complex details or decorations, making it particularly popular among those who pursue minimalism.

Moreover, black turtleneck sweaters match well with almost all clothes and can be used in a variety of situations. From formal occasions to everyday casual scenes, the black turtleneck is a practical and versatile choice.

Because of these diverse characteristics, the black turtleneck remains a timeless fashion item and is considered a must-have item, especially in the current trend where minimalism is particularly popular.


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