Vans Launches 'Vans Premium'

Written by Ethan  on 12 Mar, 2024
Vans Launches 'Vans Premium' | 1
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The original action sports/lifestyle brand Vans is launching 'Vans Premium' as an extension of its unique and sophisticated design. Vans Premium is introduced with contemplation on design and contemporary structure, directly incorporating Vans's long history of craftsmanship and handmade techniques into the products.

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In terms of shape, fit, and style, the Vans Premium line establishes new standards for products. The new launching campaign features Liam MacRae, Veneda Carter, Maddy Denley in image shooting and styling, introducing a variety of footwear and apparel products that will be released sequentially this year. The differentiated Vans Premium line consists of Premium Footwear, Premium Apparel, and Premium Classics, celebrating Vans heritage through evolved design details and improved build.

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The Premium Rowley XLT pack includes a variety of vintage colorways from the archive, such as Incense and Ink, and features a custom stabilizing heel clip to improve durability and shape.

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The newly redesigned Premium Mary Jane 93, with fresh design details and a creeper sidewall texture, is presented in three core colorways. The Vans Premium line includes various iconic classic silhouettes enhanced with comfort and modern style.

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Premium apparel items are carefully crafted combining high-quality materials with sophisticated design to perfectly implement shape, fit, and style.

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They feature more 'baggy' and 'boxy' fits with refined tailoring and sewing details. The versatile reversible Station Jacket is available in warp checkerboard pattern and solid black colorway options. Additionally, pleated trousers, crewnecks, hoodies, socks, and T-shirts, among other premium essential items, are also included.

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The release of Vans Premium will be sequentially revealed through the global official social account (@otwbyvans) and Vans Korea (@vans_korea).


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