'Oppenheimer's Cillian Murphy Becomes a Versace Icon

Written by Ethan  on 13 Mar, 2024
'Oppenheimer's Cillian Murphy Becomes a Versace Icon | 1

Versace announces actor Cillian Murphy as a Versace icon.

Cillian Murphy serves as the hero of the first-ever Versace Icon men's campaign by the brand, where the Academy Award-winning actor can be seen wearing the core and timeless looks of the Versace men's icon collection.

Donatella Versace commented on the announcement, "I am very happy that Cillian has joined the Versace family. He is truly a special and incredible actor. He definitely deserves an Oscar. It was wonderful to see him bring this collection to life in his unique way in the campaign, charming and captivating in front of the camera."

Meanwhile, Cillian Murphy, who presented fantastic acting in the movie 'Oppenheimer' and won the Oscar for Best Actor at the 96th Academy Awards, wore various Versace looks throughout the 2024 award season. The Versace Icon campaign featuring Cillian Murphy is scheduled to be unveiled on April 3.


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