Adidas unveils '2024 National Football Kit'

Written by Ethan  on 15 Mar, 2024
Adidas unveils '2024 National Football Kit' | 1
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Global leading sports brand Adidas will introduce new jerseys for 'Germany', 'Italy', 'Spain', and 'Argentina' that encapsulate Adidas's technological prowess and the heritage of each participating nation, ahead of this summer's biggest football tournaments, EURO2024 and COPA AMERICA 2024.

The jerseys being unveiled are distinctive as they incorporate symbols representing the nations, intended to instill pride and solidarity among the players and fans, particularly as they are worn during international competitions involving the best players.

Adidas unveils '2024 National Football Kit' | 2
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Germany's home jersey maintains a classic black and white design with modern elements. The unique design applied to the sleeves, inspired by the German flag, mixes red and orange, evoking flames. The entire uniform is accentuated with the distinct triangle pattern of the German Football Association, reinforcing a sense of belonging and highlighting Germany's identity.

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Italy's home jersey retains the traditional blue color, expressing unwavering confidence and pride. The Adidas-specific three-stripe shoulder line incorporates the green, white, and red of the Italian flag, adding uniqueness. The emblem symbolizing the national team is adorned with four stars representing moments of victory while wearing the blue uniform, and the collar is engraved with a phrase from the Italian national anthem 'Inno di Mameli', 'L'ITALIA CHIAMÒ', enhancing the players' pride in their country's call.

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Spain's home jersey, embellished with red and yellow reminiscent of the Spanish flag, showcases cultural elements symbolizing the nation. The carnation, Spain's national flower symbolizing acceptance and love for diversity, is engraved at the back of the neck, emphasizing solidarity between players and fans. A wave pattern crossing the jersey's bottom recalls the seas surrounding the Iberian Peninsula and the glorious era of the Invincible Armada, inspiring pride among players and fans.

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Argentina's home jersey applies an iconic sky blue and white striped design inspired by the Argentine flag. Gold details symbolizing Argentina's recent international achievements are added, appealing to both past and present fans, and displaying the national team's confidence during its prime.

This season, away jerseys for Germany and Italy will also be released, offering a variety of designs and unique identities.

Adidas applies 'HEAT.RDY' technology to all jerseys to maximize air circulation, providing a cool and fresh wearing experience even in hot weather. The superior breathability of 'AEROREADY' material and 'Mesh panels' for improved air flow ensure comfort and allow players to perform at their best.

The EURO and COPA AMERICA jerseys are available at Adidas's official online store, the Adidas Brand Flagship Seoul (Myeongdong), Gangnam Brand Center, and major Adidas performance stores.


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