PLAC unveils 24 SS Collection with muse 'Pyo Ji Hoon'

Written by Ethan  on 15 Mar, 2024
PLAC unveils 24 SS Collection with muse 'Pyo Ji Hoon' | 1
[Photo Source=PLAC]

On March 15, 2024, the casual total brand PLAC announced the selection of 'Pyo Ji Hoon (P.O)' as the new male muse for 2024, along with the unveiling of the 24 SS Collection.

This 24 SS Collection, in collaboration with Pyo Ji Hoon, is notably inspired by the 'Preppy Look,' one of the most rising trends lately and a favorite style of 'Pyo Ji Hoon', consisting of shirts and ties among other items, drawing attention.

In addition, the collection is set to be released with various items, including a dog keyring resembling Pyo Ji Hoon, and some items will be part of a collaboration with the contemporary unisex casual brand 'FREI', offering a diverse collection to look forward to.

Furthermore, a brand representative expressed, "The photoshoot seemed to bring out a fresh youthfulness along with a relaxed atmosphere, creating a synergy with the brand. We look forward to and appreciate your interest in Pyo Ji Hoon's diverse activities as PLAC's new male muse."


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