Modernizing the Free Spirit of the 1960s

Written by Ethan  on 15 Mar, 2024
Modernizing the Free Spirit of the 1960s | 1
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On March 15, 2024, women's clothing brand 'GAYEON LEE', known for its original and bold silhouettes combined with sophisticated details, revealed its 24SS Collection as the full bloom of spring approaches, presenting an attractive and provocative new perspective in women's fashion.

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GAYEON LEE, a brand that cherishes the intersection of art and fashion, proposes women's clothing modernizing the free spirit of the 1960s this season. The 24SS Collection is inspired by the silhouettes of 1960s fashion designer 'Andre Courreges' and the works of furniture and product designer 'Dmitry Samygin', composed of various colored lines.

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Moreover, the collection stands out with fun and dynamic details created by intersecting cut-out shapes and multi-color piping's irregular lines, while showcasing a variety of products with a feminine silhouette emphasized by soft tailoring and volume, clearly marking this as GAYEON LEE's signature design.

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Furthermore, the collection features unique contemporary interpretations of silhouettes combined with various textures and colors, puff sleeves, asymmetric curved collars, drop shoulders, and ribbon piping details, making GAYEON LEE's products, known for their soft, abstract shapes and asymmetric lines, stand out.


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