TOM FORD, SUMMER 24 Campaign Global Launch

Written by Ethan  on 18 Mar, 2024
TOM FORD, SUMMER 24 Campaign Global Launch | 1
[Photo Provided by TOM FORD, Photographer: Robin Galiegue / Models: Ida Heiner]

The luxury global house brand TOM FORD has globally launched its Summer 2024 campaign. It is the first TOM FORD collection by new creative director Peter Hawkings, depicting the confident and powerful woman he envisions.

The photographer Robin Galiegue participated, with fashion models Angelina Kendall, Ahmed Richards, Ilias Loopmans, Agel Akol, Hejia Li, Ida Heiner, and Eva Komuves appearing in the campaign.

TOM FORD, SUMMER 24 Campaign Global Launch | 2
[Photo Provided by TOM FORD, Credits: Photographer: Robin Galiegue / Models: Ida Heiner]

PETER HAWKINGS defines the essence of the TOM FORD wardrobe, portraying the confident and powerful existence he imagines in the Summer 24 collection, intended for such women. Her gestures are definite, her style individual and consistently sophisticated. From perfect suits and sophisticated blazers paired with short shorts to long slinky dresses, impeccable blousons, lace skirts, and thin blouses, and her in a tuxedo, she is captivating and intense.

While seduction and glamour represent TOM FORD, now sophisticated freedom and naturalness are also essential. The TOM FORD woman, unafraid of attracting attention and being the center of controversy, prefers self-expression and pursues elegance, enjoying dressing up. Standing on slender stilettos, hiding mystery behind oversized sunglasses, and carrying a cleanly designed bag.

Her wardrobe shines due to the precision of obsessive tailoring, the complexity of workmanship and details. The tailoring displays features borrowed from menswear, such as a complete canvas structure, peak lapels, and handmade buttonholes. Knitwear is characterized by texture and dimension, combining rib structures, openwork, and loop stitches. Exclusively selected materials feature wool & silk tailoring blends, open structure tweeds, luxurious silk-touch velvets, and exclusive leather from glossy crocodile effect to delicate and smooth finishes. Embroidery can be found in exclusive evening dresses, showcasing unique artwork. The collection is enriched with colors like nightly black, luminous white, cosmetic pink, Persian blue, deep cognac brown, and accents of chartreuse, turquoise, and green, adding depth to the textures.

This collection is designed for women who live life in their own way, owning their clothes, infusing life through their body and posture, and exploring the power of clothing. Her sensual appeal reflects the current era, echoing the 70s.


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