H&M x Rokh, A Trendy Collaboration

Written by Ethan  on 20 Mar, 2024
H&M x Rokh, A Trendy Collaboration | 1
[Photo Source=H&M]

The global fashion brand H&M has announced a collaboration with the brand Rokh, the new protagonist of designer collaborations.

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Rokh, showcasing key products through the sophisticated vision of Korean designer Rok Hwang, is receiving a lot of love for its distinctive elegance and customizable designs.

The Rokh H&M collection features signature items brimming with Rokh's vibrant energy, from double-layered trench coats to detachable-hem dresses, corset-style items with flattering side details, and office-style bags and statement jewelry playfully reinterpreted.

H&M x Rokh, A Trendy Collaboration | 9
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"Rokh is leading the new wave of Korean designers, captivating with their conceptual yet wearable fashion. We are proud to present designer Rok Hwang's flexible yet classic curation edition, and we are excited to see how customers will style it in their own unique ways," says Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&M's Creative Advisor and Head of Womenswear Design.

H&M x Rokh, A Trendy Collaboration | 12
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"Rokh aims for a creative and classic appearance to approach timeless design. We are thrilled to share our vision with more people around the world through this groundbreaking collection with H&M," says Rok Hwang, Creative Director of Rokh.


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