Merci Presents 'Clover Heart' Lucky Collection

Written by Ethan  on 20 Mar, 2024
Merci Presents 'Clover Heart' Lucky Collection | 1
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Paris's representative lifestyle concept shop Merci has introduced a Lucky Collection featuring the brand's new symbol 'Clover Heart'.

Merci Presents 'Clover Heart' Lucky Collection | 2
[Photo Source=Merci]

The new symbol of Merci, the four-leaf clover with one leaf forming a heart shape, expresses gratitude towards others and life. The Clover Heart logo is used as a key theme in the new clothing collection line, designed to be timeless beyond trends and seasons, available in hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts, and pocket t-shirts.

Merci Presents 'Clover Heart' Lucky Collection | 3
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The sweatshirts, made of thick fleece material with a relaxed shoulder design, add comfort and a modern sense.

Colors available include classic white, heather gray, navy blue, dark green, and cream, as well as vibrant shades like red and yellow.

Merci Presents ‘Clover Heart’ Lucky Collection | 6
[Photo Source=Merci]

The Merci Lucky Collection, composed of everyday essential items imbued with positive energy for comfortable wear, can be found at the Merci online store.


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