Dex, after the buzz of 'Running', now 'Tightrope Walking'?

Written by Ethan  on 21 Mar, 2024
Dex, after the buzz of 'Running', now 'Tightrope Walking'? | 1
[Photo source=DYNAFIT]

The high-performance sports brand DYNAFIT has unveiled the 2024 SS campaign 'Do It for Real' video and photo shoot with model 'Dex'.

Dex, after the buzz of 'Running', now 'Tightrope Walking'? | 2
[Photo source=DYNAFIT]

The first campaign 'Do It for Real', released on March 20, is about high-intensity training 'CrossFit', showing Dex competing with real professional athletes.

Dex, after the buzz of 'Running', now 'Tightrope Walking'? | 3
[Photo source=DYNAFIT]

In the video, Dex's determination to challenge and surpass his limits amidst fierce competition is evident, fitting the campaign's slogan 'Do It for Real'. DYNAFIT emphasized the authenticity in sports through Dex's strong willpower and passionate demeanor, comparable to an athlete.

Dex, after the buzz of 'Running', now 'Tightrope Walking'? | 4
[Photo source=DYNAFIT]

Starting with the 'CrossFit' edition, new segments featuring Dex taking on different sports will be sequentially released. Following the success of last season's DYNAFIT 2023 FW advertisement, which produced iconic 'Running' scenes, there is heightened anticipation for Dex's new challenges and his journey beyond his limits.

Dex, after the buzz of 'Running', now 'Tightrope Walking'? | 4

In the video, Dex is seen wearing a leopard pattern training suit and half pants, reminiscent of the DYNAFIT snow leopard logo, along with functional T-shirts that support the fine vibrations of muscles with 3D-CUT technology, and excellent elasticity running shoes that securely hold the feet even during intense activities, presenting a strong training style.

Additionally, DYNAFIT is planning to run an 'Do It for Real' Instagram challenge event from March 22 to April 30, offering prizes worth a total of 3 million won. More details can be found on DYNAFIT's official Instagram.


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