Choi Kwang-rok, cast as Roh Hyung-tae in JTBC's 'Not a Hero but'

Written by Ethan  on 22 Mar, 2024
Choi Kwang-rok, cast as Roh Hyung-tae in JTBC's 'Not a Hero but' | 1
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Actor Choi Kwang-rok has been cast in the new JTBC drama 'Not a Hero but', set to make a fresh appearance in viewers' homes.

The new JTBC drama 'Not a Hero but' (Directed by Jo Hyun-tak, written by Joo Hwa-mi, created by GlLine & Kang Eun-kyung, produced by GlenGrim Media, Drama House Studio, & SLL) tells the story of a man with extraordinary abilities who has never saved anyone but finally rescues his destined lady.

Following the popularity of 'SKY Castle', director Jo Hyun-tak has taken the helm, with writer Joo Hwa-mi of 'Marriage Not Dating' in charge of the script, and 'Romantic Doctor Kim Sa-bu' writer Kang Eun-kyung participating as a creator, capturing public attention with a powerful production team lineup even before release.

Choi Kwang-rok joins as 'Roh Hyung-tae', a member of the so-called 'Sauna Swindlers'. Roh Hyung-tae is a character of few words and silent mystique, whose significant physique adds tension to the drama as he is in charge of physical force.

Choi Kwang-rok, who has been showcasing a variety of characters perfectly encapsulating his own unique color, has raised public expectations with news that he has gained about 30kg for the role of Roh Hyung-tae, whose large size is a notable feature.

Choi Kwang-rok said, "After being cast in 'Not a Hero but', the process of gaining weight was not easy at first, but I cherished the opportunity to play such a character and approached filming with gratitude. I had a lot of fun shooting this work, so I hope you show a lot of interest and love for both me and the character Roh Hyung-tae."

Choi Kwang-rok made his acting debut through JTBC's 'Green Mothers' Club', leaving a strong impression on the public with his exotic and handsome appearance and solid acting skills not typical of a newcomer. He has since continued to build his acting repertoire in various roles in productions like Coupang Play’s 'Fantasy G Spot' and tvN's 'The Sword of Ara Moon'.

Meanwhile, the new drama 'Not a Hero but', featuring Choi Kwang-rok as Roh Hyung-tae, is scheduled to air in the first half of 2024 on JTBC.


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