Ki Eun-se Selected as the Brand Muse for V’NY Studio

Written by Ethan  on 22 Mar, 2024
Ki Eun-se Selected as the Brand Muse for V’NY Studio | 1
[Photo Source=V’NY Studio (V’NY STUDIO)]

The contemporary women's fashion brand ‘V’NY Studio’ has chosen Ki Eun-se as its first brand muse and unveiled the 2024 Spring Collection.

‘V’NY Studio’ offers a refined mix of casual harmony and trends in a modern sensibility, melting the uninhibited lifestyle of New Yorkers into its designs.

The brand official stated, “Focusing on the neo-contemporary and unique daily look concepts, we aim to strengthen the brand identity through collaboration with the fashionable image of Ki Eun-se and the brand's pursuit of New York lifestyle.”

Beloved fashion icon Ki Eun-se showcased her unique style in this photoshoot, portraying a comfortable everyday life as if she was at home.

Living up to the nickname of a photoshoot expert, she flaunted her fashionista side by perfectly embodying natural poses and a variety of styles. In the photos released by V’NY Studio, Ki Eun-se presented a sophisticated New York-inspired look, pairing an urban-feeling blazer with Bermuda shorts.


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