Chung Ha's Unique Cute VS Sexy Photoshoot

Written by Ethan  on 25 Mar, 2024
Chung Ha's Unique Cute VS Sexy Photoshoot | 1
[Photo Source=Codegraphy]

The street casual brand 'Codegraphy' (CEO Chae Myung-seok) has chosen singer Chung Ha as their muse and revealed the first photoshoot with Chung Ha for their 24 summer collection.

A brand official stated, "Chung Ha's confident and cool mood, which transcends diverse genres while maintaining a unique presence, aligns well with Codegraphy's direction of reinterpreting various cultural codes in a new way. Furthermore, Chung Ha, with her colorful charm, is said to express the expanding women's collection better than anyone," the official added.

Chung Ha's Unique Cute VS Sexy Photoshoot | 2
[Photo Source=Codegraphy]

The unveiled first photoshoot of Chung Ha and Codegraphy is themed 'Dream Voyage'. It embodies the spirit of encouraging dreamers who continue their journey towards their own dreams despite an uncertain future. Chung Ha clearly reveals her star quality with her unique color and personality in the photoshoot.

Chung Ha's Unique Cute VS Sexy Photoshoot | 3
[Photo Source=Codegraphy]

Wearing Codegraphy's 24 summer collection, Chung Ha has been rumored to have overwhelmed the atmosphere with her confident and self-assured expressions and poses. Also, photos that further highlight Chung Ha's hip and sophisticated mood can be found, including with the 'Cool Code Wave Symbol Crop T-Shirt' and the 'Wave Symbol Cutout Short-Sleeve T-Shirt', as well as with the 'Tech Nylon Hooded Windbreaker Sheer Jacket' and the 'Wave Symbol Ball Cap'.

Chung Ha's Unique Cute VS Sexy Photoshoot | 4
[Photo Source=Codegraphy]

Chung Ha and Codegraphy's 24 summer collection and photoshoot are available from March 25th on Codegraphy's official website, offline stores, Musinsa, 29cm, and more, with additional reveals planned sequentially. Moreover, there is an event where a set of Chung Ha photo+stickers will be given on a first-come-first-served basis with a purchase of over 50,000 won from the 24SS collection.

Meanwhile, Codegraphy has continued its steady growth trajectory since its launch, achieving sales of 50 billion won last year. This year, they are aiming for 71 billion won, focusing on expanding their offline distribution networks through department stores and outlets. Particularly, this year, they plan to make a full-scale entry into Japan through a licensing agreement with the Japanese OEM company 'West Up Flow'.


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