Tiffany, 'With Love, Since 1837' Campaign Unveiled

Written by Ethan  on 25 Mar, 2024
Tiffany, 'With Love, Since 1837' Campaign Unveiled | 1
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On March 25, 2024, the globally renowned jewelry house Tiffany, with a history and tradition of 187 years, presents a new campaign for its most iconic jewelry collection filled with love, the brand's heritage, and craftsmanship, 'With Love, Since 1837'.

Tiffany, 'With Love, Since 1837' Campaign Unveiled | 2
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Inspired by Tiffany's legendary window designer Gene Moore, this campaign reveals the behind-the-scenes stories of Tiffany T, Lock, Knot, HardWear, Sixteen Stone, and Tiffany® Setting.

Tiffany, 'With Love, Since 1837' Campaign Unveiled | 3
[Photo source=Tiffany]

Photographed and directed by Dan Tobin Smith, the 'With Love, Since 1837' campaign is a modern reinterpretation of Gene Moore's Tiffany store window series. It showcases imaginative storytelling and fascinating objects, highlighting love as the most important root of all jewelry collections, symbolizing the iconic link continuing craftsmanship and heritage.

This campaign conveys meaningful messages of the brand's heritage based on the birth stories of each collection, such as the Tiffany Lock bracelet, Jean Schlumberger by Tiffany & Co. Sixteen Stone ring, and HardWear necklace. For example, Tiffany Lock is a timeless icon inspired by a brooch from 1883, and the HardWear collection draws inspiration from a bold and daring Tiffany bracelet design from 1962.

Set designers Rachel Thomas and Dan Tobin Smith planned extensive sets for this shoot. The London-based shooting included everything from miniatures to oversized sets, focusing on realistic expressions by using animation projection for backgrounds and creating actual smoke to produce clouds instead of post-production tricks.

'With Love, Since 1837' campaign delicately conveys Gene Moore's aesthetics using ordinary objects and simple materials, illuminated by lighting and the rhythmic movement of the camera. Dan Tobin Smith interpreted Gene Moore's dramatic window series with a modern and sculptural style focused on scale and changing perspectives, celebrating Tiffany's heritage with a contemporary view through campaign images and videos.


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