Levi's, Reproduction of the First Women's Denim Lot 401

Written by Ethan  on 25 Mar, 2024
Levi's, Reproduction of the First Women's Denim Lot 401 | 1
[Photo provided by LEVI STRAUSS KOREA]

Global denim brand LEVI STRAUSS KOREA has perfectly reproduced Levi's® oldest women's jeans, Levi's® Lot 401 denim.

In the past, women had to wear Levi's denim belonging to their male siblings or husbands. Recognizing the need for a collection for women, Levi's created its first women's line, Levi's® Lot 701, in the 1930s, and introduced Lot 401 as a market test before launching.

Levi's, Reproduction of the First Women's Denim Lot 401 | 2
[Photo provided by LEVI STRAUSS KOREA]
  • Levi's historian Tracey Panek stated that Lot 401 women's jeans could have been a limited edition prototype created to test the market for the Lady Levi's, known as Lot 701 jeans.

This special Lot 401 jeans were owned by Viola Longacre, and Levi's officially acquired them in 2017, completing the history of ladies' denim. Viola Longacre was a student studying to become a teacher at Fresno State College in the 1930s, and her classes were often held outdoors in the Sierra National Forest, making jeans the ideal sturdy and durable clothing for her frequent outdoor activities.

The Levi's® Vintage Clothing team named the Lot 401 denim after her as "Viola" and meticulously reproduced every small detail for a perfect reissue.

The Levi's® Lot 401 jeans were crafted with an orange color Lot 401 fabric patch, similar to the original Viola jeans, and this patch is perfectly restored, originally folded back between the belt loop and cinch. Also, produced in a high-waisted style using Kaihara Denim Mills' Shrink-to-Fit™ selvage denim, Viola's name is emblazoned on the pocket liner to highlight its uniqueness.

Finally, customers purchasing the jeans receive an experience feeling Viola's history, which includes a photo of Viola, a letter explaining her story, and a tote bag decorated with the Lot 401 patch.

Levi's historian Tracey Panek stated, "Viola's remarkable discovery in the Levi's archive played a significant role in understanding the history and evolution of Levi's denim and women's wear," and "The Levi's® Vintage Clothing team considered Viola's unique story torecreate her groundbreaking denim," she added.

The limited edition Lot 401 jeans will be available from March 27th at Levi's official online store (Levi.com) and Levi's Garosugil flagship store, Times Square, Starfield COEX, Starfield Goyang, Starfield Suwon, Hyundai Pangyo, and Shinsegae Daegu branch.


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