Brian, 'I've Almost Shown My Honest Self'

Written by Ethan  on 25 Mar, 2024
Brian, 'I've Almost Shown My Honest Self' | 1
[Photo source=Housewife's Life]

Brian graced the cover of the April issue of the women's monthly magazine 'Housewife's Life,' celebrating its 59th anniversary.

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[Photo source=Housewife's Life]

Recently scheduled as a pilot program on MBC TV, the YouTube web variety 'Cleaning Maniac Brian' has made Brian a figure of hot popularity, showing off his cleaning fanatic side. For the 'Housewife's Life' April issue cover shoot, he said, "It’s busy, but I always try to think positively and draw good energy from it."

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[Photo source=Housewife's Life]

"Even though it's tiring and difficult, I am grateful because I am doing what I want to do," he expressed his feelings.

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Brian's other interests include gardeningand CrossFit, cleaning, and beauty care, showcasing his versatile talents. "One of the reasons I started cleaning was because I like interior design," he says.

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When friends ask for interior advice, he is happy to share his tips. He also discussed the blueprint and interior concept of his recently revealed 300-pyeong house, saying, "I want to create a cozy atmosphere similar to an American farmhouse. Since I will be in Korea for a long time, I wanted to make my house feel like home."

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Living in the present and showing his natural charm without reservation, he said, "I used to try to maintain a sense of mystery as an idol, but now I find this way of living more comfortable. Sometimes new things are good, but familiar neighborhoods, restaurants, and friends are the most comfortable. That's why LA and New York are like vacation spots to me. When I go to LA, I usually stop by Eveleigh with friends for a meal," he shared.

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[Photo source=Housewife's Life]

An interview revealing more about Brian's everyday life can be found in the April issue of 'Housewife's Life,' the Housewife's Life app, and the YouTube channel 'JUBU TV'.


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