Louis Vuitton X Tyler, The Creator, 2024 Spring Collection Unveiled

Written by Ethan  on 25 Mar, 2024
Louis Vuitton X Tyler, The Creator, 2024 Spring Collection Unveiled | 1
[Photo source=Louis Vuitton]

Louis Vuitton reveals the 2024 Spring Men's Capsule Collection in collaboration with ‘Tyler, The Creator’.

Tyler, The Creator is a long-time friend and collaborator of Louis Vuitton's Men's Collection Creative Director Pharrell Williams, having previously worked on the soundtrack for the Louis Vuitton Fall-Winter 2022 Men's Collection fashion show.

Louis Vuitton X Tyler, The Creator, 2024 Spring Collection Unveiled | 2
[Photo source=Louis Vuitton]

The collection features the sophisticated style of Tyler's signature preppy look combined with Pharrell Williams' luxurious and dandy styling. Notably, the new monogram is the Craggy Monogram drawn by Tyler, The Creator himself, encapsulating the collaboration between the artist and Louis Vuitton. The new monogram is characterized by creamy colors and soft textures, with the rugged lines of the Craggy Monogram also reflected in the lines and details of this collection.

Louis Vuitton X Tyler, The Creator, 2024 Spring Collection Unveiled | 3
[Photo source=Louis Vuitton]

The custard-colored raincoat draws inspiration from Louis Vuitton trunks, and the varsity jacket made of leather is filled with embroidered logos. Inspired by golf, the collection also features functional anoraks and reversible windbreakers in pink or grass-green with an enlarged chaine et trame texture of the Damier pattern, and the fleece jacket with the Craggy Monogram induces an optical illusion resembling green grass.

Louis Vuitton's iconic bags are also presented in grass-green Damier patterns, with the Sac Golf and Mini Crossbody Golf bag being unveiled for the first time. Moreover, a travel chess set designed by Tyler, The Creator himself, reminiscent of melting chess pieces in chocolate, is also introduced.

The new collection's theme is also embodied in a variety of shoes, including LV Dandy loafers and LV Wave Derby boots. The LV Trainer is showcased in embossed monogram nubuck leather, and golf shoes in a grass-green Damier design are newly available.

In addition, this collection introduces various and special products including pink and black Monogram Tribute sunglasses, Craggy Monogram cereal bowls and spoons, as well as golf accessories like golf kits, head covers, golf boxes, and towels.

Pharrell Williams, the Creative Director of Louis Vuitton's Men's Collection, said, “I have been sharing thoughts on music and design with Tyler, a close friend and collaborator for many years. This collaboration signifies the natural growth of the LVERS philosophy, based on a network of great artists and creators, and is a special opportunity for Louis Vuitton. This collection contains many unique elements that only Tyler can present, and working with him has been incredibly inspiring.”

Tyler, The Creator commented, "I have always focused on creating clothes that I want to wear, and the chess set is one of the most fantastic items I've made so far. Working with the Louis Vuitton team on this collection has been a very enjoyable time.”


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