MindBridge X Smiley, Capturing the Little Joys of Everyday Life

Written by Ethan  on 25 Mar, 2024
MindBridge X Smiley, Capturing the Little Joys of Everyday Life | 1

On March 25, 2024, the brand MindBridge (MIND BRIDGE) announced a collaboration with the global license brand ‘Smiley Originals’ for the 24SS season.

MindBridge X Smiley, Capturing the Little Joys of Everyday Life | 2

Smiley Originals is a global brand known for its yellow smile symbol. With the key message “TAKE THE TIME TO SMILE,” it has been at the forefront of forming a positive culture through continuous collaborations with famous international brands.

The 24SS MindBridge & Smiley Originals collaboration embodies 'the small happiness of everyday life.' It plans to offer various inspirations found in the utterly ordinary daily life, such as waking up with coffee and starting the day with music, which though mundane, are moments of genuine happiness and can lead to changed routines and lives.

This collection features a variety of items including T-shirts, caps, pajamas, and socks that combine MindBridge's unique comfortable and stylish charm with the witty symbols of Smiley Originals. In addition, the collection includes a Smiley Originals dental kit (toothpaste, toothbrush, cup set) created in collaboration with the lifestyle brand ‘SALTRAIN’ as a purchase gift. The kit, characterized by SALTRAIN's unique hip and bold design, adds Smiley Originals' unique smile symbol and yellow color. This kit will be offered to customers purchasing in-store and online for a limited time during the event period.

A representative from MindBridge stated, “The collaboration with Smiley Originals, a symbol of ‘positivity and happiness’, has allowed us to present a collection of new charm. We hope that through the various activities of MindBridge with Smiley Originals this 24SS season, you will gain positive energy.”


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