NoirNine, Recommended Items for Layering

Written by Ethan  on 25 Mar, 2024
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This season also features daily items that are good for use up to summer including NoirNine's mood-filled crop t-shirts, sweatshirts & pants setups, pique polo shirts, and more.

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[Photo source=NoirNine (NOIRNINE)]

Embracing the coming spring, NoirNine, which is receiving much love from the MZ generation for its sensuous design, has launched the first drop of its 24SS collection.

NoirNine, Recommended Items for Layering | 3
[Photo source=NoirNine (NOIRNINE)]

This collection, filled with the mood of spring, consists of products with lace points. You can exclusively find a variety of products using lace including NoirNine's emotional layered dresses, skirts, t-shirts, etc., on the official NoirNine website from the 25th.

In particular, this season's main items, the layered dress and layered skirt, can be matched with a variety of styling as seasonless items. They can be layered with classic line products such as denim and t-shirts released in February, making them even more versatile.


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