Seo In-guk, Charm like a Chameleon

Written by Ethan  on 26 Mar, 2024
Seo In-guk, Charm like a Chameleon | 1
[Photo Source=The Star]

Actor Seo In-guk graced the cover of The Star magazine's 11th-anniversary issue.

Seo In-guk, Charm like a Chameleon | 2
[Photo Source=The Star]

In this photo shoot themed 'Men, Romance of Spring,' Seo In-guk simultaneously displayed intense masculinity and a dreamy, refreshing charm.

In the interview that accompanied the photo shoot, Seo In-guk shared, "It was a lot of fun doing a photo shoot after a long time." Regarding his way of enjoying spring, he likes "walking under the sunshine on a breezy day." He also humorously added that romance for him is "the aroma of grilled pork belly and cheonggukjang in the evening, along with a side of soju (laughs)," bringing laughter to the set.

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[Photo Source=The Star]

About the recently concluded drama 'I Will Die Soon,' Seo In-guk said, "I loved the original webtoon very much. I thought it could turn into a drama or movie someday, and I was really happy and had fun acting as 'Lee Jae'." He added, "There are moments I forget over time, trivial times that pass, and times spent idly. I don't always cherish or deeply think about those times, but 'I Will Die Soon' carries a message about the importance of those small things, which made acting in it very meaningful."

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[Photo Source=The Star]

Regarding the recently concluded musical 'Monte Cristo,' Seo In-guk expressed, “I started with the mindset of beginning anew, asking advice from friends and colleagues in the musical theatre, and prepared very hard. I'm very grateful that many people liked it as much as I put effort into it.”

As for the secret to his passion in trying various genres such as acting, singing, and musicals, Seo In-guk mentioned 'the absence of fear of failure.' He added, “The happiest time for me is when I can meet my fans. It's really happy moments. Thanks to the fans who love and support me, I am able to continue doing fan meetings and projects. I plan to create many opportunities to meet them more often,” candidly sharing his love for the fans.

When asked about how he wants to be remembered by the public, Seo In-guk expressed, “No matter which character I portray in works, I want to be seen not as Seo In-guk but as that character. As a singer, I want to be remembered as someone who tells stories through songs; in musicals, as someone who can clearly show any character, and I want to become a versatile entertainer like a chameleon.”

Lastly, for the sentence “Seo In-guk is a(n) ___,” he wished to fill in 'free spirit.' “It could be perceived as quirky or fourth-dimensional, but more than that, I want to act without being swayed by anyone else, without restrictions,” he concluded.


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