Lee Hyori Presents 'Timeless Denim'

Written by Ethan  on 28 Mar, 2024
Lee Hyori Presents ‘Timeless Denim’ | 1
[Photo source=GUESS]

The 'Timeless Denim' campaign, a collaboration between total lifestyle brand GUESS (hereinafter 'GUESS') and Lee Hyori, has finally been unveiled.

Lee Hyori Presents ‘Timeless Denim’ | 2
[Photo source=GUESS]

Since the teaser release on the 15th, the visuals of GUESS and Lee Hyori have garnered much praise for their chic denim looks, marking the iconic model and brand's first meeting in 15 years. It is rumored that her charisma and professional immersion in the shoot delighted the staff on site throughout the filming.

Lee Hyori Presents ‘Timeless Denim’ | 3
[Photo source=GUESS]

In the 'Timeless Denim' campaign, Lee Hyori showcases the direction of this year's mega trend 'denim' fashion, from dressy styling using denim bustiers to casual styling with loose wide fit denim pants and simple tops, presenting trendy yet timeless denim styling, including the 'denim on denim' look that radiates her unique aura.

Lee Hyori Presents ‘Timeless Denim’ | 4
[Photo source=GUESS]

The products from the campaign featuring GUESS and Lee Hyori, showcasing the essence of denim styling in 2024, are now available at GUESS's official online mall and stores nationwide.


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