Uhm Ji-won, A Summer Rounding Look Full of Freshness

Written by Ethan  on 01 Apr, 2024
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Uhm Ji-won, an actress with a wide acting spectrum covering various genres and a genuine golf enthusiast, collaborated on the 'Women's Golf Collection' photoshoot for the 2024 new products.

This 'Women's Golf Collection' photoshoot and new products under the theme 'One Fine Day with Uhm Ji-won' suggest styling that stands out in any situation, whether golfing or resting, with designs, materials, and colors.

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[Photo Source=Munsingwear (Munsingwear)]

The 'Women's Golf Collection' is characterized by the best materials and luxury, based on the Munsingwear heritage. It features the brand's seasonal color blue at the forefront, along with black and white combinations, and is trendy with patterns like checks, paisley, and stripes. The use of lightweight, cooling materials and treatments that reduce wrinkling enhances comfort and wearability. It also includes items that are great to pack for travel, not just for the field.

The collection photoshoot conducted at the 'Satsuma Golf & Onsen Resort' in Kagoshima, Japan, has been revealed. Uhm Ji-won showcased a variety of summer round looks wearing the collection composed of dresses, short-sleeve collar neck t-shirts, half-zip anoraks, short-sleeve t-shirts, and pleated skirt sets.

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[Photo Source=Munsingwear (Munsingwear)]

The main products are 'Jacquard Stripe T-shirts', 'Stripe Pattern Loose Fit Half-Zip T-shirts', 'Pattern Collar Short Sleeve T-shirts and Pleated Skirt' sets, and 'Cool Touch Paisley Short Sleeve Dresses'.

The 'Jacquard Stripe T-shirt' features a sporty design with stripe printing on Jacquard fabric known for its luxurious texture. The crisp shoulder line and neat button collar neck with a marine look concept of white and black stripes offer a sophisticated resort look vibe. Made with stretchy spandex material, it is comfortable for full swings or long rounds and features moisture-wicking quick-dry functionality for a comfortable wear experience.

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[Photo Source=Munsingwear (Munsingwear)]

The 'Stripe Pattern Loose Fit Half-Zip T-shirt' features a sporty anorak design that's versatile as an outer layer or layered over innerwear. Made with lightweight, stretchy woven material, it ensures mobility. It's water-resistant and wrinkle-resistant for easy care.

The 'Pattern Collar Short Sleeve T-shirt and Pleated Skirt' set is composed of a check pattern t-shirt and pleated skirt, reminiscent of a classic preppy look. The tone-on-tone colors offer a lively feel, and wearing the set together achieves a more stylish field look. The pleated skirt is accented with a white belt. Made with non-sticking cooling fabric, it's refreshingly wearable even in the hot and humid summer.

The 'Cool Touch Paisley Short Sleeve Dress' brings to life the Munsingwear season color of sky blue with an ethnic paisley pattern combination. The mini length and A-line dress with gathered pleat details add to the body-shaping effect and femininity. It features practical side pockets and an easy-to-wear front zipper. The lightweight fabric also makes it very comfortable to wear.


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