Hyomin's Chic Shorts Styling!

Written by Ethan  on 30 Apr, 2024
Hyomin, chic shorts styling | 1
[Photo Source: Hyomin's Personal SNS]

Hyomin wore a clean and modern-looking black top with black shorts, complemented by a pair of slingback sandals.

Hyomin, chic shorts styling | 2
[Photo Source: Hyomin's Personal SNS]

This unified color scheme of black completes the overall styling, exuding a sophisticated atmosphere from the celebrity. The feminine yet comfortable charm of slingback sandals elevates the look's mood as a perfect footwear to the outfit.

Hyomin chose to style retro-mood-glasses as her accessory, which is currently the hottest item of the season and a commonly seen item across many shopping platforms.

Hyomin, chic shorts styling | 3
[Photo Source: Hyomin's Personal SNS]

Another look by Hyomin features beige shorts matched with a skin-tone oversized blazer for a stylish yet natural look. Subtle skin-tone garments generally convey a luxurious and comfortable feel, allowing for an elegant look to be styled using such items.

Hyomin, chic shorts styling | 4
[Photo Source: Hyomin's Personal SNS]

The outfit is completed with an oversized blazer for a sophisticated look, completing a look that doesn't fail to capture both trendiness and comfot. Once more, Hyomin's shoes are a pair of neat black slingback sandals, matched with a similarly retro-vibing glasses from above and a white tote bag.

Hyomin, chic shorts styling | 5
[Photo Source: Hyomin's Personal SNS]

Then again, a striped pattern shorts set is styled by Hyomin. For an active yet pollshed, effortless look to show off, this set-up is of utmost perfection.

Hyomin, chic shorts styling | 6
[Photo Source: Hyomin's Personal SNS]

The top, starring a white collar as its key design, gives a more organized feel to the set-up. When the direction and the thickness (which is of a suitable, stylish thickness) of a pattern harmonize, a sporty but neat look can be achieved.

When styling an outfit with patterns over the whole clothes, it is best to match accessories and shoes in simple solid colors to prevent the look from becoming too cluttered. Really, you don't want your classy look to transition into a messy, chaotic ensemble just because of that one styling mistake!


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